Reiwa: Of Despair, a fantasy action RPG developed by tri-Ace. Rise as Tarnished, an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. Beat down the delusions of the multiverse, and become a hero in the human world.


Warring Realms

Create your own character in the Dungeons of Darkness and the Solitary Ruins.

Challenging Dungeon: Satori Dungeon

Go to the dungeons to defeat the host of Satori and the enemy dispatched by him.

Repulsive Weapons

You can only obtain all-new weapons by defeating the bosses and friends who have high battle skill rankings, in order to develop your own combat strategy.

Tribe System

You will be able to take part in large-scale conflicts between the players with the tribe system.


Features included in remaster version:

– Design adjustment to strengthen game balance

– Improvement of battle scenes

– New voice lines

(features of the original)

(ed. note: the English voice lines of this version are the original, but are not completely consistent with the text, so there will be some differences.)

– When you are falling from a great height, it will not trigger the fall effect.

– Improved battle scenes

– Fixed the problem where the Esper Giant has insufficient HP

– There was a problem where it was impossible to complete the puzzle requiring the help of the mighty Espers.

– When you clear a raid, if you progress to the next stage, you will have the option to continue with the quest even if you have already opened the boss

– Fixed the problem of being unable to open the boss due to an insufficient amount of bombs.

– In general, various types of bugs and errors were fixed.

– Fixed the problem where the boss Gauge was automatically filled when you enter the boss room.

– If the appearance of the boss is wrong when you enter the door, you will be able to attack and kill the boss normally.

– Various other adjustments

– Removal of the restriction to wear a helmet in combat.

– It is possible to wear the helmet without a head.

– It is possible to wear a helmet which does not fit your head.

– In the special covenant, it will be possible to communicate during the battle

– Improvements to


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Heavy Action and Multiplayer Gameplay with an Intuitive Interface
  • A Vast World where you Explore and Battle
  • Play Offline Mode with Full Contact Adversity
  • Advanced Age Rating System and Leaderboard
  • Play in a 3D World Full of Drama and Mystery
  • Select Your Path – Take the Role of an Ascended Herald or Become A Hero of Magic
  • Create the Perfect Heroes of Magic
  • Form the Noble Party with Friends

    ★Play Online or Offline!

    ★Online Multiplayer Experience in Full 3D!

    ★Journey to the Mythic Lands Between to Face Adversity and Explore!

    ★Strategize with Your Opponents!

    ★Create Your Own Hero and Customize Your Equipment!

    ★Advanced Age Rating System and Leaderboard

    ★Form the Noble Party with Friends and Play in a 3D World!

    ★A Multilayer Story!

    ★Easy to Play but Hard to Master!


    The player’s emblem and seal are displayed in the title screen and game introduction screen. The player’s position and precise movements are shown in every map, so never get lost.

    The map screen can be reconfigured from basic to advanced, making it easy to use. It allows you to find your location, easily find other player’s location (fair warning: the visuals may not be 100% accurate), and automatically search for players. It also allows you to play offline while allowing you to experience the same 3D effect when multiple players are online.

    Using the large transparent window, you can see the entire world. Player’s location and movements are easy to see.

    Select your path at the entrance and you can freely select between the


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    Elden Ring Torrent X64 (Updated 2022)

    ▼Story introduction

    Thorn is the sword of the Goddess of Time, encased in the Stone of Ages. Since a forgotten time, the Moon Goddess, who served as the sun Goddess’s shadow, casts it on the Lands Between. At that time, the Stone of Ages, which was locked away inside the Moon Goddess’s sword, was freed. Because the Moon Goddess’s shadow remained under the Stone of Ages, the God of Time, which has ruled the Lands Between for ages, did not age.

    Eventually, a huge calamity befell the Lands Between. The Stone of Ages was shattered by the unrestrained power of the Goddesses, and because the God of Time was inflicted by the damage, he lost the power to cast the Moon Goddess’s shadow. As the Moon Goddess, who is shrouded in light, appeared in the sky, the Stone of Ages was split in half. Now, there is light, but no shadow.

    The Moon Goddess looked up at the sky. She was saddened and wanted the power to cast her shadow on the Lands Between. She prayed to the Sun Goddess and asked her to restore her power to cast her shadow.

    In reply, the Sun Goddess heard her prayer. She summoned all the Goddesses of light and cast their shadows on the Stone of Ages. The Stone of Ages regained its true form and the Moon Goddess became free of the Goddesses’ shadows. However, because she was released into the sky, the Stone of Ages floated above the Lands Between. It has been suspended in the sky for ages since the Moon Goddess was freed. It has continued to float in the sky and have cast its shadow on the lands below.Photo Gallery:
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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    •<a href=”#TocVol0Audio4″><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Developer</a> <


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    System Requirements:

    Some of the earlier reviews and articles state 1GHz or better. However, the official requirements for Windows are 1GHz or faster Pentium 3, or equivalent.
    …so why has it gotten such a negative review?
    In my opinion, this game is a great one. On the flip side, I’ve already lost hours of my life playing it. If you have an old computer that can’t run this game, or you want to see a really bad ad, this is the game for you.
    To be fair, it is a little difficult


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