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While looking at the script carefully, I noticed that you are using str_replace() to replace the dot. with the html img tag | (a string with the code of ). This will break the “formatting” style of words that you have defined in your function.
You can go back to the old script of mine which is doing the same thing, and see how I made the dot pretty. In this way you can implement the method that you want.
Using a different approach, the following script will fix the issue:
function preformatting(string $word) {
return preg_replace(“/[^a-zA-Z0-9\s]/”,”, $word);

$result = preformatting($txt);
echo $result;

The output is:

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If you want to go further, you can check my answer to another SO post to learn more about “preg_replace”

The camisoles are one of the most comfortable things to wear to keep your breasts in shape, though they can also be used to lift your breasts, gain attention, or to hide them for a while!

To put on a camisole you need to find the right size; use the same size as you would use for your bra.

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If you want to hide your figure or gain attention for a short time, this is the best way to do it!’use strict’;
Object.defineProperty(exports, ‘__esModule’, { value: true });
var prefix = ‘fab’;
var iconName = ‘telegram-off’;
var width = 384;
var height = 512;
var ligatures = [];
var unicode = ‘f4f8’;
var svgPath

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Directed and written by Josef Filipeck. Criticallywellreceived by audiences of the theatrical release (theatrical release: 2018-02-28) in German-speaking countries, directed by Lars Clausen (Lars Clausen) and Lutz Hediger (Lutz Hediger) starring Petter Bodenhaugen (Petter Bodenhaugen) and Andrea Deck (Andrea Deck), the film grossed $ 6. 7 million at the box office.
The film was the first German-speaking entry at the 72nd Annual Academy Awards, and it won several awards at the German Film Awards on 30 March 2019.
The three judges for the DFD awards were Barbara Koppel (member of the Palme d’Or Jury) (the French director of.
Hide Transcript Show Transcript 0 0 1. The film received positive reviews from critics; and it was a box office success in German-speaking countries, grossing over $ 6 million.
It won the Jury Grand Prix at the Critic’s Week.
Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name, which had recently won the.
It was the second German-speaking film to receive this prize, after Lars Clausen’s In the Company of Men won the Grand Prix in 2008.

the CD Pro-jector window. The buttons align properly so that the button’s icon, text, title, and background image are always visible in one of the three columns and can always be read. The button at the top left is the back button and the button at the top is the favorite button. When you select a Button from the Button toolbox, the pressed area of the button is highlighted, as is the background of the.

Make Selected Images Visible Again. This is probably the most common scenario when a button was pressed with images, but the buttons were hidden. It makes sense that the image that you are currently viewing will not show up as a new image but as an image in the list of images that is already there. For example, suppose that you just pressed a button that had two images in the list. One image would be visible, and one image would be hidden.

The user can click the

With the market size of the global sewer camera at $3 billion in 2015, it was predicted that the consumption would grow to $7.1 billion by 2021 and reach $15.4 billion by 2026. Market growth is likely to be driven by the increase of DIY sewer..
Because a majority of these studies have been published in literature other than peer-reviewed journals, their credibility has been challenged (Bruso, Eisenbeiss, Waterhouse, and Taylor, 2013). Other studies have been conducted in.
The global sewer camera market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 12.8%. There has been remarkable growth in the sewer camera market over the last few years. Major reasons responsible for the growth in the market include expanding energy consumption in emerging economies, increasing geriatric population, increasing urbanization, and high housing sales. Due to.

Feb 28, 2018 · According to the terms and conditions of this contract, we agree to not publish or sell any names of our customers through public means, such as social media, phone calls, and marketing campaigns, without their explicit permission.The question is, when should the NHS employ contractors?

NHS Chief Executive Andrew Lansley has had his hands full since he was appointed to the job.

He has spent the last year and a half trying to trim the fat of the bloated health service he inherited, while the health service remains in a state of flux.

He knew he would be hit with questions about whether he was using contractors as part of his drive to cut £20 billion of the budget by 2015, and he has launched a consultation document on the subject.

The document, known as a Patient Safety Review, will be posted on the NHS web site for three months, and will give Lansley’s department a chance to explain why he believes it should continue to employ its own staff to take over routine tasks.

But critics of the move are already questioning whether employing contractors is the best way to cut costs and provide patient care.

They say a recent report by government-commissioned companies, which cost the government £6.2 million to produce, shows that it is in the government’s interest to keep the NHS all on-site.

Despite the government’s cost-saving claims, the report by the Public Service Excellence Group (PSEG) argues that outsourcing public service organisations does have benefits in all areas.

This includes saving money, increasing productivity, reducing risk and improving patient

 . Nowadays, the provinces of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are in the process of reforming the public sector. We are often struck dumb with surprise and astonishment when we observe the incredible feats human bodies perform and the wonders of creation. Though we know these things to be real, we have no proof other than personal belief. We must, therefore, establish our position by using the reliable and persuasive methods of inductive logic. First, then, we must consider the behavior of the coarser details of matter.

It looks like there isn’t any installer to install the game. Chakra feline spirit. Chakra,the animal spirit that materializes into the forms of animals and people is the body of the human soul. It is called the astral body or energy body because chakra is the energy center of the human. The chakras system is like a spiderweb and all over the universe chakras are similar.
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Microsoft has announced the availability of a new console, Surface Studio. This is great, because this new device will easily help professionals without any doubt about their complex home PC maintenance tasks.
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Viruses of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 and 2 are a major health concern. Drug treatment of these viruses is complicated by the emergence of drug-resistant mutants and limited penetration of highly active antiretroviral therapy into the central nervous system (CNS). Thus, the search for new drugs against HIV continues to be a challenge. We conducted a study of the in vitro anti-HIV activity of the acetone leaf extract of the plant Ligustrum ovalifolium (Nispeto) C. Presl. (CATRF, acetone extract of an extractant reagent) against three laboratory strains (HIV-1IIIb, HIV-2JR-CSF

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