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“Sneaky” is a single player game with gorgeous retro visuals, fun puzzles and a very dark atmosphere.
Set in a secluded town, a city in the middle of nowhere, the player must investigate the death of a beloved actress and the disappearance of her husband, while the sinister institution calls her.
“Sneaky” has two score systems
A subtle narration that hints at the player’s place in this bleak universe. The game’s original art from the 70’s is also a subtle subtle reminder of where we are.
All tileset pieces are interchangeable, including all art, object description, and music
For a more in-depth experience the game also offers the option to skip the text, which is done through the in-game menu, just tap the skip text button.

*** Not available for Windows Phone, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 ***

Game Features:
*Story driven single player game
*Washboard physics
*Tileset manipulation allows for an endless number of unique playing experience
*Background music

1-2 players, 2-4 players (Zoom board, Zoom board, D-pad modes).

Please note: this is not a zoom board game for Windows 8/8.1 Devices

*** Users have been complaining about the difficulty of the game. However, we are still working on the game.

We are looking for Beta testers.

Would you like to help with our research?
We are still adding more and more game modes and would really like to get the feedback on all of them.

We have also added a user comment system. From there you can read what we have been developing and what we have added or think we should add next.

Also feel free to contact us if you feel there is something we should change, add or remove to make the game even better.


Since the Steam store crash, we have made “Autosave” and “Customizable” features available to the users.
These features are available through the Tools->Preferences menu.

*Autosave feature:
*Will save every completed level when the user closes the application. The user has the option to change the file name, so there’s nothing personal saved to the computer.
*Customizable feature:
*Will allow the user to delete or add levels without having to start from scratch.

*The art and design of this game was very


Features Key:

  • Horde mode – create as many as you want to fight along
  • Unusual enemy roles – vampire, rocket, shotgun, King
  • Pick your favorite weapon of each type
  • Easy to adjust enemy health
  • Simple gameplay
  • Remake of the original game to make above features possible

Hold On

Hold On Game Key features:

  • Press the A button to switch the selected character from the first to the second person
  • Press the B button to try to survive attack of the enemy
  • The game ends when you get the execution
  • Remake of the original game to make above features possible


Joke Game Key features:

  • Play on the ground
  • Every item can be used as a weapon
  • Every weapon has a unique ability
  • Either you fall off the edge or attack the enemy
  • Remake of the original game to make above features possible


Definitely Sneaky But Not Sneaky [Win/Mac] [Latest]

When I first started working with the brilliant Parapsychologist, fellow designer, and lifelong friend Josh Timmons, I asked him what it would take for him to work a game I was designing. He told me he’d need a lot of prototypes, lots of prototypes…years and years of prototypes.
“But,” I said, “why?” “It’s part of my process.” he replied. “I’m always experimenting with things. I prototype so I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and trying to figure out how they can be better. Sometimes the different ideas and structures are useful on their own, but mostly they point towards something in my brain that I want to see more of, so I write up a short story about it and prototype out that. Then I’ll come back to it, use it to work through the ideas, and only then add the mechanics. I’m just trying to work through ideas. That’s the best way to work with a story. It’s like a puzzle. I never know what to do with a puzzle until I’ve solved it.”
“So you’re constantly building on ideas and not thinking it through?”
“What about prototypes? Aren’t you supposed to stop building and just finalise the mechanics?”
“It’s part of the process. It means that I’m constantly going back and forth and trying to figure things out. It’s like little bursts of creativity.”
With that, we had our game.
So, What’s It All About?
In Absolutely Anything, the player is a magical lightning rod person that can’t resist finding out what the universe is all about. Through an ongoing series of puzzles, stumblings, and soul searching, the player grows in depth and understanding as they drift through the cosmos.
We wanted to give absolutely anything a sense of place and time, and we wanted the player to feel that they were part of the story. I’m a sucker for that kind of storytelling, so I was keen to get it right. I think we definitely got it right.
“One of the things I’m really proud of with the game is the overall feeling it’s creating. Every puzzle, every stretch


Definitely Sneaky But Not Sneaky Torrent [Mac/Win]

The physics in the game are extremely well realised, with the empty area the book drops onto being drop down and writhing under the player, and the empty area the player enters being transformed into a room. Both areas have their own characteristic feel, reflecting their surroundings. When I looked at the physics the first time, I was thrown, but I realised that this was because I had a different concept of what could happen. This meant I could step into an area expecting a certain situation, only to find it violently altering to a much more interesting situation. Besides physical interactions, the game has characters reacting to the player’s movements in interesting ways, such as the aforementioned empty area. The only disappointment I found was that there is no interactivity with the environment. There are no objects which will be triggered by the player or against which the player can push. There are only objects you place in the environment, so if you want something to interact you have to create it. While this is interesting, and you have choices to do something different, it would have been nice to have an interactivity style that was a little more simple.
I found this game on XBLA with the option to buy it, which worked great for me. It wouldn’t work if you were using an XBOX live Gold subscription, because the “Definitely Sneaky But Not Sneaky” DLC was actually a PS3 demo, and only registered as a PS3 DLC, meaning that you couldn’t even play the game and any DLC you bought in a single XBLA session. By playing the game and coming out of it as soon as I saw the demo available, I managed to avoid this problem.

I found this game to be moderately interesting and surprisingly creative, making it one of my favorite games for this month.

+ The amount of variety it offers
+ The various interactions between the characters
+ The amusing situations in which you find yourself
+ The various stories that can be created.

– A lack of interactivity with the environment and the characters
– A lack of variety in the story mode

Highly Recommended!

[Tuesday, 3rd March 2009 13:00]Xbox Live Arcade Review by:Crash

Summary:I couldn’t stop playing Sneaky. This was one of those rare games where my wife couldn’t come and play it with me, because she thought I was doing my job as a person’s


What’s new in Definitely Sneaky But Not Sneaky:

: How ISIS Lost Its Airport Controls

ISIS, newly calling itself the Islamic State, now controls the crossroads between Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan and is threatening to completely cut off oil from the area to the rest of the world – other than a dribble of black gold. Western media just pretends not to notice. By Thomas C. Mountain

The People and the Land

“Islam did not vanish from the west. Rather, Islam struggled to live.”

– Abdullah Mohammed Al-Kai

The first people to ask the question of “Why now?” would of course be those western pundits who correctly predicted that this was going to happen. After all, if the Arab Spring – and all that it promised – was a “popularity contest”, why the most violence and bloodshed?

The answer was simple: western “popularity”.

When the uprisings were over, and the US and European media was celebrating the victory of “the good guys”, Syria had a problem – the problem of ethnogenesis.

The problem of Islam.

“Islam did not vanish from the west”: why it’s back and why now, December 2012

“Islam did not vanish from the west: if Saddam [Hussein] could escape when he was in power, what is it that does not let him escape today?”

– Osama, after he was ousted from power

It was no surprise. Because Syria was ruled by Alawites, a Western ethnic group, and because it was the Syrian Alawite that ascended to a high level of command with Damascus. More than just killing Alawites, the Syrian uprising meant killing the history of Syria.

It started with various groups calling for Islamic governance, and soon the Salafist took ownership of it (though they were often the same groups), and the Interim gov’t was formed, and was sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both of which had initially agreed with the democratic slogans of the Syrian uprising.

The western media called it an “Arab Spring”, hoping for a smooth transition from Mubarak’s era to democracy. Otherwise, what would have happened to Assad? The US first sold then joined the EU, to keep Assad out of this uprising. Then war did indeed break out.

Why then is the western press


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System Requirements:

OS: OS Windows 7
OS: OS Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 (3.4 GHz), AMD FX-6100
Intel Core i5-4570 (3.4 GHz), AMD FX-6100 Memory: 8 GB RAM
8 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD 4600
Intel HD 4600 Direct3D: Version 11
Version 11 Hard Drive: 300 GB
300 GB DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX Compatible

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