A poetic visual novel about the relationship between a young woman and her sister.
The story is about a young girl named Hane. She is surrounded by her dysfunctional family, and so she is unable to meet her own expectations and wants to get away from her family’s control. One day, she gets wrapped up with a guy called Kaihou. She feels attracted to him and deep down, she wants to confess her true feelings to him. However, one day, all of her family is evacuated to an island and suddenly everything is turned upside down, and Hane realizes the true meaning of love.
As Hane meets new people and discovers new things, she builds up a foundation of unexpected memories. She discovers that she has the power to bring back her memories even when they’ve been erased. And the secrets she has been waiting for for so long will be revealed. The more she lives, the more things she will learn.
* This version contains additional languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Spanish and Polish.
You will be able to enjoy this game by registering the app to your Steam account at
You are receiving this letter because you have decided to participate in a project called ‘The World is Not Enough’, supported by the Japan Foundation.
Thank you.

Aqua Media Network Inc.
The World Is Not Enough


Recent changes:Version
– Fixed a bug that was making it impossible to choose between the possible endings.
Version 1.1.0:
Added a dialog hint to guide you through the initial dialog (this will be removed in the 1.1.1 update).
New features:
– Introduction of life-like character’s original voice actor and a new Life-like version of Hane.
– A ‘plot scene’ has been added to the story. This allows you to see the last scenes of the story when you move to the next page.
– Added a new setting about ‘Naofumi’s mom’.
– Story outline
New content:-
– Added a new character ‘Bullet’ as a love interest for Narumi.
– Added 4 more dialogs.
– It is possible to finish the game with 16 endings.
– You can also change the Default Ending if you want to.
– More pictures have been


Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver’s Paradise Features Key:

  • Brand new and expanded game engine, featuring advanced graphics and physics
  • 7 New weapons with new behaviors and loads of new destruction effects
  • 2 New enemies, several of them very nasty (Dracule, Mad Scientist)
  • New game scenarios, joining the previous ones
  • New game voices and dialogue, adding 14 in total
  • Eurocom answers to some of your comments and questions with in-game options options and improvements
  • Bravo to our fans that continuously sent us their ideas and comments about the game
  • Set of nice bonus Missions (Exclusive content)


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To the Stars and Beyond! was made by a single person. It took me three years to complete. I can’t remember the amount of money I spent making this game, but it was a lot. I hope you enjoy playing it and enjoy my passion for making games. If you like it, please leave a review!
– Tap the screen, slide and make high speed landings.
– Play on tablets with a mouse.

Sonic Rally is a physics based racing game full of twists.
Rally as the Mario Kart style Mii racer with more than 25 characters.
Players must compete to become the champion of the rally.
The road is not easy and players must fight to the end.
Key features:
• 30 characters each with a different race car and items.
• Classes like Gymkhana car, Sui-ki-toy, Rally, Kyoshoku,
• Cool rip-off animations like Mario Kart.
• 200 tracks full of mysterious places.
• Dynamic background with to-scale dynamic objects.
• Awesome speed and details.
• Competitive multiplayer!
Q: What is included?
A: All the content available in the v1.03 version are included, including the update of new cars, new tracks and characters.
Q: Is the game easy to play?
A: Yes, you can learn how to play in no time.
Q: Does it need a lot of button inputs?
A: Yes. The player must be fast and precise to avoid a crash.

Play on a sports field like a real soccer player, feeling the electric sensation, you’ll be the first, true football player.
You can show your soccer skills to all the world at the end of the game.
You can choose from the ten of the most popular professional teams. Also, You can insert your name and Your image in the client’s menu, so that you can see your own name at the world of sports.
You can move the player with the controller of the touch, or keyboard, or even mouse.
The power up menu is in the menu and the player is very happy.
You can choose from different characters, the effect is great.
You can design a goal with your own face, so you can always be your own.
It’s not easy to be the best, so you can always be afraid of other players.
– 10 professional soccer clubs



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## ████ ████████


What’s new:

– Xbox 360

The player chooses one of two characters in playing through the harrowing action-adventure adventure game Outliver: Redemption. Xbox LIVE Gamers select this game from the “Xbox LIVE Arcade” after downloading it from Xbox.com. Outliver: Redemption also comes on a DVD. The game is played by walking on a digital area with a topographical map of the world and navigating through the game as you do so by using North, South, East, and West compass buttons.

This title is copyright RoliSoft LLC and is to be used only on personal computers. An internet connection is required for the game to play. There is a connection fee for the Downloadable Games service of Xbox LIVE, where the fee is currently $9.95. Other fees may apply for other gamers or players

Instructions and Tips for Playing Outliver: Redemption- Xbox 360

TO STEER THROUGH THE GAME, use the compass directions to move the player anywhere on the world map as directed by the audio cues. When the player is told to do so, an audio cue tells you to move or press the corresponding directional buttons.

These are the basics of the game you should know to successfully play the game. You may want to read the instructions or play the game several times before you play the game through once. Some specific tip controls are below as well:

If you get stuck on an area of the map that is not playable, select the map’s “X” (not “A”) button. This will reset the map to a blank, ready to be re-played again.

If you want to get more clue about the specific area the player is on right now, look at the small picture below the center of the map. There are four possible locations for the picture to be on the current path. If you are on the wrong path, press the small button on the center of the map to move you to the correct area on the map.

To select which character you will be controlling when playing the game, look up in front of you at the top of the game area and you will see which character’s portrait is there. Select the character you wish to use by pressing the “OK” button on the center of the controller.

Play the game through multiple times before you are on the specific map you will be playing, just to get comfortable with the controls. You will learn most of the game’s controls by holding the “OK” button


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You are Jonny, a little guy in a big balloon.
Jonny is tired of war, and he escapes into a secluded, peaceful place.
Thinking he’s protected from the world, he soon finds it was just another illusion.
When he finds his home captured by invaders, Jonny gets ready for a new war!
Battle your way through the obstacle course, collecting keys to unlock the various levels.
Use your new abilities to power-up and shoot projectiles to defeat your enemies!
– Customize your Balloon.
– Have fun playing against the computer or other players.
– Save a lot of time by starting a new game immediately after finishing the last one.
– Complete challenge missions to unlock new levels.
– Powered by Unity Engine
– Soundtrack and Music: Adrien Illie
– Artwork and Art Direction: Jitka Fernerova
– Programming and Gameplay: Pracha Danapithi
– Author: VapushQ:


I’m fairly new to Angular but trying to get my head around the following:
I have an input field and when the text in the input changes, the function calculate() is called.
I want to find the average of the 2 values entered on the input fields and display it in the input field below.
I have this so far:

function calculate() {
let first_num = parseInt(document.getElementById(“input1”).value);
let second_num = parseInt(document.getElementById(“input2”).value);

let average_num = first_num + second_num;
document.getElementById(“output”).value = average_num;

how would I do this?


A couple problems. First of all, you are executing your Javascript in the HTML, not in the function. Second, you need to get the value of your inputs and add them together


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    System Requirements For Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver’s Paradise:

    Windows 98/XP/Vista

    Hard Disk: 130MB of free space
    About The Author
    Amazon Kindle
    Beachrider ebooks// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
    // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
    // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
    package plan9
    import “syscall”
    // A TimeError indicates that the underlying time call failed.
    type TimeError struct {



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