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ConsultComm is a simple, free web-based application designed to quickly and easily run time monitoring and project management on any personal computer.
ConsultComm tracks the amount of time each user spends on a given task, showing a calendar-like day-time view of where time is spent. Managers can use ConsultComm to keep track of the time their teams are spending on a particular project, and be notified when employees are running late or spending more time on a project than expected.
ConsultComm can also be used to keep track of time spent on each project. ConsultComm can generate invoices and other reports detailing time and monetary spent on each project. ConsultComm allows for easy monitoring of time spent by individual projects, so managers can quickly determine which projects warrant extra attention.
Unique Features:
Time and Attendance Integration: ConsultComm records all time spent on projects. It also allows you to start a new time project easily by simply dragging the project icon onto the ConsultComm interface. You can quickly and easily create new projects using templates, and ConsultComm will automatically copy the project template into the new time project.
Simply drag to view Project Timelines: Another unique feature of ConsultComm is the ability to easily view a day’s time and day’s projects by simply dragging the project icon onto the ConsultComm interface.
Easily define Timezones: ConsultComm automatically recognizes and displays timezones for a current time from the server time (from your operating system timezone) on the schedule.
Notify when time is taken by a project: Managers and project managers can easily define the amount of time they expect to spend on a project. ConsultComm will automatically alert the project’s manager when the project is in the last few minutes of a time period or when the project is close to running out of time.
Notify when time is taken by a customer: ConsultComm will automatically alert the project’s customer when the project is in the last few minutes of a time period or when the project is close to running out of time.
Notify when customer has finished the project: ConsultComm will automatically alert the project’s customer when the project is finished and is ready for further action.
Notify when team is done with a project: ConsultComm will automatically alert the project’s team when the project is finished and is ready for further action.
Customizable on the fly: ConsultComm allows for easy customizability. The skins and widgets can be easily changed in the configuration file located in your

ConsultComm Crack

ConsultComm Crack Mac is designed to quickly manage projects, clients and tasks. Using ConsultComm Full Crack’s simple interface and its detailed analysis capabilities, you can manage every aspect of your time management and billing system. ConsultComm will effectively provide a computerized user interface for your staff, projects and clients that can be customized according to your personal preferences and growing needs. ConsultComm will help your office stay organized, track your time spent on all your tasks, manage your projects, and give a precise, detailed accounting of how much you are charging for your services.
Project Management
Manage your entire projects life-cycle. Track when the project was started, completed, and then automatically bill for those activities. You can track and manage how much time is spent on each task, send reminders to your staff, or set deadlines for your projects.
Gantt Chart and Bar Diagrams
See a detailed Gantt chart view of each project, task and sub-task, and view a time breakdown for each. An easy-to-use bar graph shows you when each client, task, and sub-task was started, completed, and then billed. ConsultComm also keeps track of your office expenses, and will even provide a way to log your time and earnings when you manually enter all your time and expenses.
Time and Calendar Features
Manage your time with any of ConsultComm’s time tracking options. You can enter time in increments as small as one-minute, or you can break projects down into hours, days, weeks, months, years, or other time periods. Plus, ConsultComm can effectively calculate how much you earned, and even let you export your time to popular Microsoft formats like MS Excel or Word.
Change the color, border and foreground/background of every text box to make your application more attractive.
Examine projects in a graph format to see how much time has passed on a project since it was started.
View detailed time and expense entries for each project. ConsultComm’s detailed layout will enable you to easily track your time and expenses whether you manually enter the time or pay for the time using ConsultComm’s (JDBC) interface.
View each task, project, and client entry individually. ConsultComm’s detailed layout will enable you to easily select the information you want to enter or view.
ConsultComm Important Note: ConsultComm requires Java 1.3 or later. ConsultComm can also be compiled using IBM’s Smalltalk VisualAge Studio 4.0. ConsultComm requires the Sun JRE

ConsultComm Crack [2022]

ConsultComm is a personal time and cost management tool that you can use to keep track of when you’ve worked on projects and how long they took you. You can download it from:
A major consideration when purchasing ConsultComm was ensuring that it would fit seamlessly into the structure of my company and integrate into my existing accounting system. During development, I utilized a crude calculator to determine my overall rate of time and cost per project, and found that my rates were surprisingly consistent. Once I had the overall numbers in place, I realized that ConsultComm’s customizable user interface would be the perfect tool to easily integrate them into a simple chart, graph or pie chart that could be included in my monthly invoices and tracked across clients and projects.
Another major consideration for me was ensuring ConsultComm’s portability. Ideally, ConsultComm should run on any computer that can run Java in a standards compliant environment. This requires the JDK 1.4 or 1.5 distribution of Java to be installed on the computer. ConsultComm is also distributed as a Java Archive file (.JAR), so installation is as simple as unpacking the.JAR file onto your computer.
Another consideration was to enable the software to be easily imported into any database, so ConsultComm is JDBC compliant, allowing you to upload times and projects directly into your database. ConsultComm includes an entire set of JDBC drivers to allow you to download and use any database that meets JDBC drivers requirements.
Documentation is also simple to find thanks to JUnit-like tests. While ConsultComm does not have it’s own documentation, the primary documentation for the project is also included with the application.
A major motivation for including its own code base was that I wanted to have the flexibility to customize and build ConsultComm in various ways, as well as ensure that it remained open source. ConsultComm is highly configurable, allowing most of its functionality to be customized to fit your own needs. ConsultComm includes a graphical interface which allows for quick and easy configuration of the program’s entire user interface. ConsultComm can be customized to create a style unique to your own personal preferences.
While ConsultComm is configured to fit the needs of my company, it is not a one-size-fits-all application. ConsultComm was made with an emphasis on ease of use and customization, so each of its features can be individually toggled on and off. If you need to restrict access to some features, ConsultComm provides

What’s New In ConsultComm?

ConsultComm is a small, lightweight, platform-independent program written in Java that will allow anyone managing multiple projects, clients or tasks to effectively keep track of exactly how long they’ve worked on each project.

Since I started development in November of 1999, several other time tracking programs have popped up. But ConsultComm is unique from other applications since it is:
Easily integrated into your existing time management or billing system; JDBC support is included so you can instantly upload all your times and projects into most JDBC and ODBC compliant databases
Platform-independent, so you can unify all your OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris workstations with a single application
Released as open source, so you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in or customization problems. Download and use ConsultComm freely under the GPL, without having to worry about paying any license fees

Quickly extensible by utilizing plugins created using the standard JavaBeans framework. Users and other developers can easily create their own plugins to quickly add custom functionality to ConsultComm
Customizeable to uniquely fit your own personal style preferences thanks to SkinLF.


Once ConsultComm is installed, you can start using it immediately. First, place your most commonly used folders and files into the appropriate directory by browsing to the directory “/Applications/ConsultComm/”. This directory can be changed in

Next, make sure ConsultComm.jar is in your classpath by using the command:

java -classpath ConsultComm.jar ConsultComm

If ConsultComm does not load, check to make sure the jdbc.jar file in ConsultComm.jar is located in your CLASSPATH by using the “java -verbose -classpath ConsultComm.jar ConsultComm” command. ConsultComm should automatically find your JDBC driver (such as DBConnect.jar) and load it. If ConsultComm does not load, find the location of the JDBC driver in ConsultComm.jar and place the jdbc.jar file into your CLASSPATH. ConsultComm should load by default.

The next step is to customize ConsultComm. Use ConsultComm’s “skin” classes, such as Client, Project, Task, and Company to easily create an interface that matches your style. enables you to customize ConsultComm’s appearance. is located in ConsultComm’s application sub-

System Requirements For ConsultComm:

– Minimum of 2 GB of RAM
– Intel Core 2 Duo
– Windows 7 or later
– 1280×800 minimum resolution
– We strongly recommend a video card with at least 512 MB of dedicated video memory
– The game is fully playable in low-quality modes
– The game requires DirectX 11
Click here for more details on minimum and recommended PC specifications.
Click here for minimum and recommended PC specifications.
Click here for more details on what we’re doing to support DirectX 11

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