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This video demonstrates how to apply CCProxy cascading proxy to Handycache. . fake IP address from vip72 to . I should note that does not support .
This is very important: it has a feature that allows you to install the HandyCache client on a virtual server.
This video shows you how to set up HandyCache to work on a virtual file system.
I’m using VirtualBox on Windows, but I think the concept would be the same for any platform.
This video will be the first in a series of videos on setting up HandyCache.
All settings are done using VirtualBox and Python.

It is a Virtual Private Network application. You can do that using below two methods. The first one is with employing the application itself. The second way is to download and install the software from the play store. The software is compatible with Android and can be used to setup the hotspots in your Android phones. It is safe, secure, and has a good user interface as well. The app can be downloaded for free from Play store. For Windows PC users, we will guide you through the steps to download and install the app. For those who want to use the app for Android phones, just keep on reading the article.

Install Ccproxy on Android:

Once you download the app, start using it. A single touch will allow you to create Hotspots. The app is compatible with various devices with which you can do this.

Open the app.

Here in the settings tab, you will get various options to configure it.

Enter the name.

In IP address, enter the private IP address or public IP address of your PC and other devices which you want to hotspot.

If you are using an IP that is dynamic, then leave the default option for DHCP.

A router will get the IP address and allow your PC and other devices to do the hotspotting. You can even turn on the firewall if the hotspotting will take too much time to be setup.

Start hotspotting your devices.

When you are done with configuring the app, click on the shutdown button.

Turn off your device and then restart it.

Your device will start the hotspotting process.

Use Ccproxy on Windows PC:

You can install the software through the Windows store. The application is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and many other versions.

First of all download the installer from the website.

Open the download folder where you have saved it.

Open the file and run it.

Then, you can select all the necessary features from the options tab. The application will be installed automatically on your PC.

The application will have the all the features that you are looking for. It can be used for configuring the hotspots in your devices.

Turn off the machine and then restart it.

You can also setup the username and password for your VPN connection.

When you are done with configuring the app, click on

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