Captain Firebeard is a swashbuckling RPG on the high seas! With your crew’s heroic abilities and strategic skill with your ship, explore, fight and survive in this open world sandbox RPG!
Both tactical and story-driven, it will be up to you to decide how to best survive and prosper in the world of Captain Firebeard. With your ship, crew and locations, you can do it your way! The old west meets fantasy in a world where nothing is ever quite as it seems.
Key Features:
Open-world, sandbox RPG: Play the way YOU want!
A crew of colorful, memorable characters to befriend and recruit.
Crew abilities, equipment, skills and tactics to equip your crew and ship to be more effective in combat and exploration.
Strategic options: Get out of the way or take a more direct approach to combat.
Choose your path: Make hard decisions about the crew you recruit and how to use your ship.
Extremely replayable: With hundreds of quests and events to take part in, every playthrough will be different.
Play any time, any place. Enjoy your immersion over wireless!

New Playable Map: “Mr. Mouse’s Library”!
Take to the seas! On September 1st, for a limited time, a brand new map will be available to players!
“Mr. Mouse’s Library” is a huge map featuring amazing detail. With its abundance of flora and fauna, pirates, giant squid, and sea monsters, this map will give you the possibility to go exploring the western deserts, the depths of the ocean, or the cracks in the Earth!
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1. Description
2. Characters
3. Unlockable Items
4. Features
5. Exploration
―Top Gear―
6. Tips & Tricks
—Main Menu —
7. Shop
8. Main Quest
9. Extra Quest
—Backup Quests—
10. Dr. Herbert Gower
11. Black Swan Inn
12. Pete and Michael
13. Guano Mine
14. A Slow Day
15. The Colonial Rebellion
16. Outpost Jail
17. The Legend of King Road
18. Mendoza’s Lookout
19. Clues and Secrets
—Map Info—
20. Map Borders
21. Locations
22. Teleport Locations


Captain Firebeard And The Bay Of Crows OST And DC Features Key:

  • Experience captivating epic stories full of action and adventure set in a unique world
  • Delve into an expansive open world of dark conspiracy, desolation and danger that will test your resolve and gameplay skills
  • Battle increasingly formidable enemies using a new combat system focused on your sword skills
  • Utilize the powers of the glowing orb to reveal rare resources, open new locations, abilities and much more
  • Power up Firebeard by completing quests, level characters, collect loot and take part in challenging PvP modes
  • Explore a large open world filled with mysteries and discoveries.
  • Quantity


    Captain Firebeard And The Bay Of Crows OST And DC Crack For Windows [Updated]

    The Game:
    Captain Firebeard and the Bay of Crows is a game that exemplifies the creative genius of its author and Director, Antonio Lorenzo Carino. He brings his rich, deep and unique life experience to the world of games and embodies his love of storytelling in one of the most rewarding experiences of his career.
    This game was written by a true and intimate fan of Captain Firebeard and the Bay of Crows. He would like to dedicate this game to the people who have supported him in his mission to share his love and passion for storytelling and interactive entertainment through the medium of games.
    The Director/Writer/Composer of the game is:
    Antonio Lorenzo Carino is the Director/Writer/Composer of the game. A seasoned veteran in the gaming industry with over 20 years of experience in writing video games, he has written his first original story, the game The Gift: Stranger’s Soliloquy, and is currently developing his second original game, Into the Wild. He has developed his game design and writing skills at Dicemasters, Inc. where his experience was in game design, programming, writing, editing, and UI design.
    The Director of Marketing, Operations and Communications for the company is:
    Eduard Kobayashi was born in Tokyo, Japan and now lives in New Jersey. He has been a member of the game industry since 1997 working on game development, publishing, branding, marketing, copywriting and most recently as the Director of Marketing and Operations for Dicemasters, Inc. In addition, he has worked with top videogame publishers including EA, Ubisoft, Japan and others. Eduard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
    Thanks for your interest in the game!

    This is an introductory example of text in a game.
    You are either a pirate or a soldier. You are either on the path to success or the path to ruin. Join Captain Firebeard and the crew of the Swallow as they sail the high seas and explore the dangers of the Caribbean. Pirates!
    | Merchant Marines =——————————————————————————–|
    | Merchant crews =——————————————————————————–|
    | Merchant crews =——————————————————————————–|
    | Merchant crews =——————————————————————————–|
    | Ship’s Captain Firebeard =——————————————————————————–|
    | Ship’s Captain Firebeard =——————————————————————————–|
    | Ship’s Crew =——————————————————————————–|
    | The Jolly Roger =——————————————————————————–|
    | First Mate =——————————————————————————–|


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    HD Video:
    Game “Captain Firebeard and the Bay of Crows OST and DC” Soundtrack:
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    Music track “The Grand Manor” song by Martin Boss:
    Music track “Night Before the Raid” song by Martin Boss:
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    Music track “War Prison” song by Martin Boss:
    Music track “Night Capture” song by Martin Boss:
    Music track “Honeymoon” song by Martin Boss:
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    Music track “Heartbreaker” song by Martin Boss:


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    How to redeem DC in this game:

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