As a member of a security guard team, you are part of a big virtual world where you can do a variety of things. You can adventure in the world, build awesome things for people to interact with, help people when they need it and many other exciting options. You are able to play solo, or build your own security guard teams, which is actually a lot of fun.

As an online, multiplayer, virtual world, its creators originally started the game as a game similar to Minecraft. At its core, Roblox is a free-to-play game that also has a few in-game purchases for virtual items such as furniture or clothing.
In Roblox, players create a virtual world called a “world”. A world is created by choosing a theme (such as a school, a house, or a town) and providing a map or “layout”. A player can then customize the world’s buildings and decoration by using their Robux or purchasing them in-game. Players are able to customize their own avatars, which are characters that represent the player when they’re logged in. Players may also build their own unique items and earn their own Robux by playing in-game. The player can also choose to invite others to explore their world.

Published by Roblox Corporation
Platforms: Web, WebGL

Children of Roblox is a virtual reality sandbox platform game where you play as a young boy who wakes up inside an untamed world filled with mysterious creatures of all shapes and sizes. Beware as the entire world is facing a dire threat!

Published by Roblox Corporation
Platforms: Web

Rover is a virtual world game for PC, IOS and Andriod. It was developed and published by Roxen Studio for the PC. You can create your own avatar using your own favorite clothes and set yourself free.

Published by Roblox Corporation
Platforms: Web

CityVille is a city simulation game where your goal is to build the best town and to expand your city. You must use your own imagination to create a unique city! is a website that allows users to build an entire virtual world, which can then be played by other users. The platform was developed in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. It allows users to create virtual items,


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In this game you can play on infinite amount of fun games. Create your own game, and play and interact with millions of other users around the world. Roblox is the hottest community and one of the top social games on Facebook and mobile that lets users create their own games by choosing from large selection of Roblox games, characters, maps, items, and action. Just let your imagination go free and create an immersive virtual world and bring your dreams to life. UCLAAIR is a game that revolutionizes the way young girls play interactive stories and dress up their avatar characters while doing so. From magical princesses to beautiful fairies to powerful warriors.What else can she wear? What else can she do? PLAY NOW. So never stop dreaming,because that’s what you can become here! Try- Catch- Fail :D. Girl Games: Dress-up – Girl Game. New Play – Middle. Add us to your favourites.Free Adventures! Play over a dozen of our best adventures! Search play cards and discover the game rules!Play only with the answers you know.Watch out for the matches. Who can find more matches first?Watch, match, collect, challenge and compete against friends, family and other users in a free browser-based multiplayer platform.Like and play all of the Roblox Explore Games, play daily with our interactive adventures and win amazing prizes in our fun contests and.[Acute respiratory distress syndrome].
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STV rolls out ScotPower advertising campaign

Sir Alex Ferguson has said his Scottish Premiership champions have adopted a multi-media advertising campaign to tell people how great the domestic game is.

Champions Fergie made the comments on the day of the launch of BBC’s coverage of the Scottish Cup, as the ScotPad championship branding hits the streets.

“We have got the best football in the world – it’s incredible,” Ferguson told BT Sport television. “They are the best


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