Pretty much the same as the FileHippo site above, but I like the Mikrosoft site better. For Windows users, this site is great because it uses the WinRAR download manager. There is a ZIP file on their site, and it’s really easy to get everything in one click.

The format that the user interface takes makes it really easy to navigate. You’ll see the most popular content as the first few pages. Navigation is simple because there are no tabs. When you click on a project, youll be taken to a page with more information about it. You can go to a forums page, release notes page, the download page that you’re currently on, and the changelog page, which provides details about each update.

On the Projects tab, you’ll be taken to information about each app or game on the site. There are different sections for each project, like description, category, description (like feature list), manifest, and details (download size, version compatibility, tips, etc.).

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A somewhat simple, straightforward platform to create installers, A couple of different ways to get at their website; You can visit the developers site directly by going to or you can search on the search bar, and get redirected to the main page. The good part is that you can download Free version of Ninite. Web-based installer, right after the installation, you can signup for ninite premium plan which is rated 5 out of 5 stars. You can signup for


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