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There are many torrent sites offering free ebooks for download. Most of the sites do not have any web page, so if you want to download the ebook, you should contact the author and ask them to provide the download link.

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The Pirate Bay or TPB as it is popularly known, is a Swedish website. It is one of the most used torrent sites on the Internet. The Pirate Bay is not your regular torrent site as in most torrent sites, there is not a single software or movie available for download. Instead, there is an RSS feed which updates your site with all the software that you can download from torrent sites. The list of torrent files is almost impossible to predict as they update the torrent site every day. Furthermore, torrent users can also comment on the torrent files they have. This makes it a good resource for finding new cracked software.

Crazygirlles is a website that offers downloads of cracked software from all genres. Its features include a blog, forum, and a wiki. The site also has a crack category in which it provides software like Smadav and Avast Antivirus with crack. Hence, you can download the cracked software and use the patch provided on Crazygirlles to update it.



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