Use the following sites to download and install latest version of apps like Spotify, VLC, Daemon Tools, Google Chrome, Adobe etc. These apps are not listed in Play Store, you need to download them from external sources.

The best download manager available in the market to download or save files at 100% speed and free from any kind of viruses and malwares. This is the best and most famous download manager. This download manager is available in several languages as – Hindi, English, German and French. This tool is paid but offer the complete version of their paid version for free. It is a part of the HttpSolutions.

Check out this links and download this best tools

This site provides free online games such as action, puzzle, and adventure games. Game downloads are provided from the website itself, with zero advertisement. You can play any game from your desktop, right on this site. The website offers customized games according to your age and gender. There is no need to register at the website to play any game. Every game is safe and secure on this website. Download game files from this site to play them on your PC. Some of the big names such as DOTA 2, League of Legends are available on this site for free. The website updates the website with updated games.

There are dozens of websites dedicated to downloading cracked software, such as OpenPub, BB Torrent, and Open MP3. However, not all of these are legitimate sources and there are many sites dedicated to providing free downloads of cracked software. To help you identify legitimate sources of free software, weve listed the best websites to download cracked software for free.


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