This is a good site to download cracked games. It loads quickly and is in modern html, although it uses a lot of javascript that makes the website pretty slow. If youre looking for a collection of games from various platforms you should look elsewhere. Currently, it isnt the best download site in our opinion, as the games do not get updated often.

Firstly, this site is not a free website and there are several reasons as to why its not. The first is that the website is not free to use. It requires payment to get in. The second is that its not legal to share files that are copyrighted (in North America the maximum penalties are up to 5 years in prison). Lastly, the site can not be considered being a safe haven for the user when it comes to uploading of stolen games. So although its free to view, its not recommended to download games from here. And the user should have a great fear of his account getting banned.

This site is an excellent download site with a good interface and on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). The game downloads are pretty fast, although the adblock doesnt work well with the site and it might get you to leave the site before your download is complete.

FreegUMarketing is one of the best sites to download cracked and full PC games you need to get. FreegUMarketing offers a wide range of cracked PC games including popular PC games like Super Mario Bros. that are normally sold for money. Many of the download links are dead, but rest assured that these dead links is only limited to the corrupted links that are not under as these are usually filtered or removed.


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