Many sites and blogs that post new software are not safe. New sites can be listed by scammers and bad people trying to get your information. These sites also may have malware. If youre looking for cracked software, find safe sites.

The internet is filled with plenty of fake download links, so its vital to only download from websites you believe are safe. The safer website is the Google Chrome Safe Browsing Checker. In fact, you will not only get a list of hacked software sites, you will get more.

The Developers of Google Chrome have created a list of safe sites for Google Chrome. This isn’t a safe browsing policy. This is a list of websites that are recommended by Google because they are safe. You should not trust any site that is listed. The website that lists the sites is Add the name of the website youre downloading from to the end of the address in the Address Bar of your browser. If its a safe site, it will have a URL that ends in https://. For example, the address would have a URL that ends in

I recently saw a website that had free games for your XBox. The games were not cracked, however, the website did advertise that they were “free” games. There was a big red “Free” button. You may not want to download games from this website. They may have malware or they will rip you off.

The best way to test whether a website is safe or not is to use a free antivirus program like Microsoft Security Essentials. If it detects malware or a virus, you know that the website is dangerous. You could use a different antivirus that you have. Your antivirus should not allow you to visit the website you want to download software or games from. This may or may not be true for your antivirus program.



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