Security measures are key in ensuring you don’t accidentally download and install malware. Check the site’s security information to check whether it is safe, and read comments before proceeding. If you see a warning, it usually means that the site has been hacked or compromised and its mission has now changed.

A respected torrent site like The Pirate Bay is supposed to only offer media that is legal. However, there have been times that copyright holders have uploaded their movies and games without permission, which have then been added to its database. These are then shared out to its users so it can be downloaded as quickly as possible. If a movie or game is pirated, then a small fee is added to its price in an attempt to reduce the market for pirated copies.

If your computer is a macOS, Linux, or Windows, your antivirus software might not keep up with the latest version of notorious viruses, trojans, and other malware. It’s a good idea to get an antivirus software that’s updated. You can find recommendations for the best antivirus software from online sources, such as Virus Total, or online scanners. Make sure your antivirus software does not block anything that is necessary to access the Steam store. Your antivirus should be set to’Recovery Mode“, as you might need to access the Malwarebytes’ site if the system gets locked up.

The top game torrenting sites are often rated fairly high, and for good reason. With millions of downloads a week, the sites on this list offer superb security and superior speeds to most peers. Additionally, the files are only available for as long as theyre on the site, and are never shared.

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