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AutoCAD is used for architectural design, industrial design, mechanical design, and engineering, among other things. With AutoCAD, CAD operators can create drawings and drawings include 3D objects, 2D plans, and 2D drawings.

Key features

2D and 3D drafting and editing

Create 2D drawings, 2D drafting, and 3D models. With AutoCAD, you can also work with traditional 2D drafting tools. For example, you can make 2D line, contour, spline, and polyline curves. You can also create 2D views, 3D views, and 3D drawing layouts. These views can include the properties of the 3D objects and the relationships between the objects in the drawings.

2D and 3D editing

Edit existing 2D and 3D objects. With AutoCAD, you can move, copy, edit, view, or delete objects, including groups, layers, subassemblies, and sublayer objects, such as lines, circles, polylines, arcs, and text objects. You can change the drawing properties of the objects, including the fill color, line style, linetype, and color. You can also modify the dimensions of an object or group of objects.

2D and 3D plotting

Plot and annotate 2D drawings and 3D models. You can plot lines, contours, and curves. You can also plot and annotate 2D views, 3D views, and 3D drawing layouts. You can also plot 2D and 3D objects. You can insert 2D and 3D legends, 3D texts, and 3D dimensions, and view the placement of the objects. You can set plot styles and properties for the plots.

2D rendering

AutoCAD offers 2D rendering to plot drawings on a computer screen. You can plot the image of an entire drawing or of a single object, such as a line, polyline, arc, circle, or polygon. You can also plot single text objects, such as dimensions or legends. You can also print drawings and 2D views in color, black and white, or gray.

3D modeling

AutoCAD offers a 3D modeling interface. AutoCAD users can draw 3D models and manipulate the drawings’ objects. AutoCAD supports both 3D solid modeling and surface modeling. With AutoCAD, you can create,

AutoCAD Crack+ [32|64bit]

AutoCAD Download With Full Crack 1.0 was the first version of AutoCAD Crack For Windows, released in 1988. Early versions of AutoCAD were available for a variety of platforms including Amstrad, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, IBM PC/AT, Macintosh, Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.0 and Microsoft Windows NT.

The next version was AutoCAD 2.0 in 1992, followed by AutoCAD LT 1.0 in 1994. AutoCAD 3.0 in 1996 followed and was considered to be a fundamental change to the company’s development philosophy from the previous versions of the software which were “closed systems”, with only the original AutoCAD available for purchase. This release also introduced a new language, AutoLISP, which permitted customers to create and maintain their own extensions, while not having to purchase the original AutoCAD code. The next version, AutoCAD 2000, followed in 1999.

In 2002, AutoCAD released AutoCAD 2003, the first version to support Microsoft Windows XP. In 2003, AutoCAD also added 3D modeling to the software. AutoCAD 2004 was released in 2004, AutoCAD 2007 was released in 2007, and AutoCAD 2008 followed in 2008. The newest release, AutoCAD 2010, was released in 2010. AutoCAD 2011, was released in 2011. AutoCAD 2012 was released in 2012. AutoCAD 2013 was released in 2013. AutoCAD 2014 was released in 2014. AutoCAD 2015 was released in 2015. AutoCAD 2016 was released in 2016. AutoCAD 2017 was released in 2017. AutoCAD 2018 was released in 2018. AutoCAD 2019 was released in 2019.

AutoCAD LT 2020 was released in 2020.

Operating system support

AutoCAD was originally available for AmigaOS, Apple II, Apple Macintosh, DOS, DOS/Windows, and UNIX. Subsequent versions of AutoCAD were also made available for IBM PC/Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 3.x, and Microsoft Windows NT. In addition to these operating systems, AutoCAD has also been made available for Atari ST and various mobile devices. AutoCAD is also available for many platforms that are not represented in the table above.

The “AutoCAD ObjectARX” C++ class library is available for some platforms, and is used to support AutoCAD on all operating systems. The AutoLISP language is


Open folder where downloaded ZIP file was located and double-click Autocad_Gen_16_5_14.exe
Read instructions
If you have problems when you try to run the app, refer to your Autocad setting > Help > Technical Support > User Assistance.

If you have installed Autocad 16.5, it is not possible to convert the version of
Autocad_Gen_16_5_14.exe to 16.5. However, it is possible to run this version
without Activating Autocad.

How to use the keys
After Activating Autocad, run the generated key.
For the offline registration process, download the file
from the link below:

How to validate the keys
After Activating Autocad, run the generated key.
Copy the downloaded file in this directory: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3DVIA \16.5\RegCode.dat
Enter the serial number of the key from the key file as the “Serial Number” in the file “RegCode.dat”.
Open the file “RegCode.dat” and compare the new value and the value you already have
in the file. If they are the same, it means that the key is valid.

If the keys are valid, the updated version number will be shown in the registry
in the correct format (e.g., 16.5.14).

What is the difference between Autocad_Gen_16_5_14.exe and Autocad_Gen_16_5_14_OFF.exe?
The exe file Autocad_Gen_16_5_14.exe installs
Autocad and opens Autocad Editor. The exe file
Autocad_Gen_16_5_14_OFF.exe activates Autocad
and no editor is opened.


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What’s New In?

Under the hood:

Dynamic data exchange for your design environments in real time. Dynamic data exchange allows two or more drawing applications to work together over the internet without the need for constant, real-time data synchronization.

Cloud-based technology in AutoCAD makes it easy to share and distribute your design files. A cloud-based solution means your files are backed up automatically and you can access your files from anywhere.

You can use AutoCAD for 3D modeling (2D drawings plus a third dimension) and document your 3D models with new 3D commands. You can add layers to 2D drawings to bring in 3D models and make 2D drawings compatible with the 3D programs you use. The layer system in AutoCAD makes it easy to organize your drawings.

Stay productive with Windows 10

Choose up to 8 Windows 10 tablets and PCs with touchscreen, trackpad, and keyboard as part of a Windows 10 Pro subscription.

Get started:

You can use the Start menu to access programs, shortcuts, files, and folders. Start with the desktop, manage open programs, and use the File Explorer to access files.

You can also use the new Windows 10 Taskbar to jump to your open programs and File Explorer to open files.

Programs now launch directly to their most recently used items from Windows. You can also launch a program by pinning the program to your Start screen.

Check for updates to your apps:

AutoCAD programs automatically check for updates and notify you when updates are available.

Access your programs directly from the Windows Store:

Get more from your apps in the Windows Store. Apps are grouped by category. Scroll through categories or search by keywords and other criteria to find what you want.

Store your apps with a Microsoft account:

Share apps, games, and other content between your devices with your Microsoft account.

Access your apps with the Windows Store:

Download and install apps, games, or tools from the Windows Store.

You can access your programs on any device that has a Windows 10 PC, tablet, or smartphone.

You can use any computer running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

Drag and drop files and folders:

Use the New tab to select a file and then drag it to the other programs’ Explorer

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Windows Server 2012, 2016
Intel Core i5-2500K (2.8GHz), i7-3770 (3.4GHz), i7-4790K (3.6GHz) or AMD equivalent
NVIDIA GTX 1070 or AMD equivalent
DirectX 12 compatible video card
Hard Drive:
2 GB available space

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