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AutoCAD is used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, architecture, construction, engineering, industrial design, maintenance and repair, manufacturing, mining, and transportation. AutoCAD is an essential part of any modern design organization.

Key features and functionality


You can create smooth blends between overlapping parts and perform partial fills.

Direct editing

Use the Direct Editing feature to set commands or change the default setting for drawing objects.


Use patterns to create repeatable geometric shapes.

Plane-drawing tools

Use the plane-drawing tools to create 2D views of objects and the edges of other shapes.


Make any polygon at any angle.

Polyline tools

Create polylines, arrows, and end caps.

Radial and arc tools

Draw radial or arc paths.

Raster graphics tools

Draw raster images, including blocks, tiles, textures, and gradients.

Lines and arcs

Draw polylines, vectors, and splines.


Create shapes like circles, rectangles, ovals, ellipses, and other geometric shapes.

Shape tools

Use the shape tools to draw geometric shapes, including a freehand shape, freeform polyline, and a polyline of a closed contour.


Snap object locations together automatically.


Save and insert drawings, tables, gauges, equipment, letters, labels, and other symbols.

Text tools

Create text in any font.

Vector tools

Draw arrows, lines, shapes, and other objects that retain their characteristics after scaling.

Organize your drawings

You can save drawings in predefined file formats.

Viewing and editing

You can open drawings and edit them using the keyboard, the mouse, the trackball, and the touch screen.

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Drawing Scale

The drawing scale is a percentage of the original size. When you increase the drawing scale, objects are displayed larger, and objects in the drawing are smaller, according to the drawing scale setting.

Drawing Scale

AutoCAD retains the scale of existing drawings. To change the drawing scale, choose Edit > Drawing Scale. The Drawing Scale dialog box opens. Use the Drawing Scale

AutoCAD 23.1 Download

The DXF standard is widely used in computer aided design, and is considered an open standard by the industry. This file format is also defined and published by the AutoCAD product group as the standard drawing format of AutoCAD. A number of applications can import and export to DXF, such as Visio, microStation and other third-party CAD applications.

DXF is widely used for the interchange of architectural and engineering drawings. It has a complicated file structure but can be easily edited and saved as it is a text-based format. It can be used as a vector format or in certain cases as a raster format. DXF can be imported directly from most bitmap and vector editing programs.

Microsoft’s ObjectARX library has gained popularity as a common set of tools for creating custom command line, user interface and application programming interfaces (API) for use by other software vendors and Autodesk.

ObjectARX has been used as a common language for developing add-ons such as:

– Autocad 2012 for Office Open XML spreadsheet,
– HydraCRON
– Skala2
– Micosoft SofrWare SDK
– Visual LISP
– Visual LISP Add-ons
– AutoCAD Configuration Manager
– ObjectARX Add-ons for AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Civil 3D
– rPoly
– AutoCAD LISP Add-on
– Microsoft.NET
– WinDND
– Microsoft Micosoft SofrWare SDK
– Microsoft Office Open XML Spreadsheet
– Autocad 2012 for Office Open XML spreadsheet
– Micosoft Visual JScript
– DesignJet RasterStreamer
– Solibri
– Aegean Solutions
– AEABlog


AutoCAD 23.1 Crack [April-2022]

Select ‘New’ menu – insert in the current model
Select ‘Measure’ menu – in the popup window select ‘Create XYZ array’
Click on ‘Array’ icon to display Measure array dialog.
Select tools ‘Expert Options’ button and select ‘Measure’ and check the ‘Display values’ button.
Make sure the array settings will be as your requirements (array type, array size).
In the Array options box you can change the position and order of your selected array.
Choose the file (either ‘data.xlsx’ or ‘data.xls’) where you want to store the measurement results.

The result will be created in the specified data file.

To convert the result to the coordinate system of the model you can convert your measurement array to a standard array.
Choose ‘File’ menu – in the popup menu choose ‘Convert to XYZ Array’
In the Convert to XYZ Array dialog you can choose the setting of the coordinate system.

If you do not have the same coordinate system as your model you can change it manually using the ‘Edit XYZ array’ button.
In the Array options box you can change the position and order of your selected array.

To convert the measurement to the coordinate system of the model you can choose the option of ‘Convert to Coordinates’ from ‘Convert to XYZ Array’ dialog.



we can describe the dynamics of a particle in 3D, in a nice and easy manner: if it collides with another particle, then it loses a part of its velocity, energy, and momentum. This is the classical statement of the conservation of momentum, energy and momentum, $p=mv$ ($m$ is the mass of the particle, $v$ is the velocity). I think this is the case for most classical physics in 3D.

However, in the case of wave-particle duality, there are cases in which the wave does not travel at the speed of light, and it is actually difficult to formulate the conservation of energy/momentum law for the wave in this case.

So, the question is: is there some conserved quantity (or part of it) that accounts for the conservation of energy/momentum in the case of wave-particle duality?

EDIT: I found this in a physics textbook, but I am not sure

What’s New In?

You can easily see what has changed, including comments, directly in the drawing window.


Resize drawings easily and efficiently with dragging.


Snap to existing surface or objects in a drawing. Use the SurfaceSnap/ObjectSnap interface.

Snap for grid, spline, and area constraints

Tighten and loosen constraint snap behavior

Maintain multiple snap types and snap values on the same constraint

Axes extension:

Axes can now extend to infinity.

When a fixed axis is shown as a fixed value, changes to the axis are reflected in the FixedValue interface.

Changes to the axis are propagated to fixed-value surfaces.

Document print preview:

While viewing or printing a drawing, you can use the document print preview to view changes that are being applied to the drawing.

Watchmaker’s mark:

A unique mark for creating watchmaker’s marks, also known as eyes.


Use asterisks to speed up text input.

Picture tags:

Add simple (XML-based) picture tags directly to layers and drawings.


Highlight parts of a drawing to the right with the Select Highlight tool, and to the left with the Select Highlight tool.


Enable and disable the crosshair on layers.


Modes for deleting sets of selected objects are now available in the context menu.


Draw notches in a drawing (thickness, radius, and width).

List layer names:

You can now view the names of all layers in the layer list.

Smart dimensioning:

Dimensions that follow a particular distance or angle are now automatically dimensioned. (video: 1:32 min.)

Snap preference:

You can use the Snap preference to configure how the drawing engine snaps and aligns objects.

Edit and replace:

You can now edit and replace the properties of all selected elements on a layer. (video: 1:21 min.)

Additional improvements to AutoCAD elements:

Customizable button icons

Drawing prompts:

New prompts that help you find drawing information.

Web/DLX compatibility:

You can use the same AutoC

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

The following requirements must be met to run Runescape on your PC.

-A 64-bit operating system (recommended)
-6 GB RAM (preferably more)
-A hard drive space of at least 40 GB.
-Internet access
-A graphics card (Direct X 10 or later required)
-Mouse and keyboard
Installation Guide:
1. Download Runescape for the newest version and install it by double-clicking the downloaded file or running it from your Windows Start menu.
2. When Runรีวิว/autocad-crack-license-code-keygen-free-2/

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