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Create bootable USB drives easily in no time.

Auto-detect Linux distribution and download it to your USB drive.

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OfficialAutoBoi Bootable USB creator. Give yourself a hand and create auto-bootable bootable USB flash drive before installing Windows/macOS/Linux. Save your time and do not download some random webpages used for random purposes.
AutoBootDisk-AutoBootCD is a piece of software that creates bootable USB from iso image and it works quickly. It’s especially useful to create bootable Windows, macOS or Linux USB from ISO image when the Internet connection is slow when it is not easy to download the setup.exe file.
autoBootCD is a simple interface. Just select the drive letter you want to use and select the ISO file. You can use various template to get you started.
Follow these steps if error showing:
1. Insert the Disk
2. Select ISO File and select SDCARD or USB Drive
3. Click Next
4. If Windows PE File is missing:
a. Click Browse and find Windows PE File


auto-create windows 10 installer disk – urdu software

auto-create windows 10 installer disk – urdu software

auto-create windows 10 installer disk – urdu software

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AutoBootDisk Crack + Free Download

+ Can create bootable USB drives using Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint, Korora, Debian, Slackware Linux, Elementary OS, and others.
+ Easily build up a bootable USB drive using Linux distributions.
+ Quickly downloads required Linux distributions.
+ Suitable for all PC systems.

AutoBootDisk is a useful tool for building up bootable USB drives using Linux distributions. This app is supported by so many Linux distros that you’ll never run out of options when trying to download one.It can also be used by Windows users to create a bootable USB drive to make their PC’s bootable.

The Windows AutoLogin Optimizer software will scan your entire system for invalid registry keys, repair, removes, and modifies any discrepancies to ensure that your Windows system boots up as quickly as possible. This program comes with five versions where each one of them is designed to work with the five most popular Windows versions (2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8/8.1).

FlashTuner Pro is a one-click update Flash tool for all major flash drives.
Can fix slow boot time, no internal updates, application updates and other flash issues.
FlashTuner Pro enables a user to update their flash drive to the latest version of an operating system or third-party software. It allows the updater to transfer a full ISO image to flash drives and update it to the latest state. It will increase your boot speed and improve efficiency of your memory.
* Update all operating systems such as Win 7, Vista, XP, Widows 8/8.1 and more.
* Supports USB2.0 and USB3.0 flash drives.
* A simple interface, easy to use.
* Advanced data recovery, disk partition recovery, system recovery.
* Your flash drive will no longer be visible on your PC’s desktop and won’t be listed in your My Computer/My PC.
* Load the updater with a single click.
* Select the size of the flash drive and start the FlashTuner Pro updater.
* Finish the process when the FlashTuner Pro has finished.
* Your computer can get faster boot time.
* More efficient.
* Doesn’t require installation.
* Easy to use.
* Safe and simple to use.

MacOS 10.9 or newer is required, for MacOS 10.7 is available for free.
USB flash drives with OS

AutoBootDisk Crack +

AutoBootDisk is a tool designed to quickly create bootable USB flash drives for Linux. It is one of the fastest and easiest methods in order to easily make these to work on a wide range of computers. Compatible with Windows and Linux, its intuitive interface makes it simple to use.
It is capable of storing its bootable ISO image files on an external hard drive so that you can then use them to make other bootable USB drives with the same distribution on other machines as well.
AutoBootDisk Freeware:
AutoBootDisk is 100% freeware for both Windows and Linux. It does not contain any spyware, adware, programs or any other kind of malware.
Functions of AutoBootDisk:
Create bootable ISO image files for Linux based operating systems.
Use an external hard drive in order to store.iso image files.
Makes bootable USB flash drives for Linux operating systems.
Simple and intuitive.
Preview available distributions.
Based on.NET Framework technology.
Supported Linux distributions:
Elementary OS
As for the reason why it was created, the developers mentioned that many users always want to create bootable USB drives using Linux distributions but are afraid of getting confused trying to do so. AutoBootDisk is a friendly and easy to use solution for this problem.
What’s new in version
* Support for latest versions of Linux operating systems.
* Added option to go back.
* Fixed minor bugs.
What’s new in version
* Fixed minor bugs.
* Now the latest version is compatible with Windows.
What’s new in version
* Fixed minor bugs.
* Added help screen.
* Added option to go back.
* Added app.
* Now the latest version is compatible with Windows.
What’s new in version
* Added support for elementary OS.
* Added option to save the location.
* Fixed minor bugs.
* Now the latest version is compatible with Windows.
* Minor changes.
* Now the latest version is compatible with Windows.

What’s New In AutoBootDisk?

The free version of this app does only a few things, though. There’s only one drive letter, the default one for a USB flash drive, and an automatic mode choice. You can also pick a specific ISO image but only if you select a custom mode.
If you want to use this app as a means for creating bootable Linux USB flash drives in a certain environment, though, you can download the full version of AutoBootDisk for free. It costs $0.99 but it also has more features, like a brief description of each Linux distribution selected and the ability to register your Linux version to your FreeDOS account.

AutoBootDisk is a piece of free software available for Windows that can be used to create bootable Windows and Linux USB sticks without hassle and in a few mouse clicks.
The software provides a simple interface with two large buttons at the startup screen, Automatic and Custom. The program can only use images that already come with the ISO format, but it can choose which one. The list of distributions that can be downloaded is very wide.
AutoBootDisk is also able to offer support for various Linux distros and it can automatically download the required version of the Linux distribution. The application is also able to identify and list various USB drives, so it is much easier for a user to create a stick without having to worry about the drive.

How to create a bootable Windows and Linux USB stick with AutoBootDisk
At first, open the program by clicking on its icon displayed in the Start menu. After you do this, you will see a home screen. On the right side of the home screen, you will notice two large buttons. They are the only interface that you will be able to use. The Custom button will allow you to choose Windows or Linux distributions. The Automatic button will provide you with automatic selection by the software. Next, you will need to open the program, so you can press the Next button and select an image for this distribution.
AutoBootDisk will start scanning for drives. As soon as it does that, you will see the following three options for Linux distributions: Auto, Windows, and Custom.
Pick Linux distributions using Auto BootDisk
If you want to customize the Linux distribution that will be downloaded by the software, you just have to open the Custom button. You will have the list of popular Linux distributions selected. Simply pick the one that you want, and you are good to go!
How to create a bootable Windows and Linux USB stick

System Requirements:

– A computer with a minimum of a 1.3GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and a USB-2.0 port
– The game is also optimized to run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
– You must have Steam installed.
– Minimum specifications:
– OS: Windows 7
– Processor: AMD Radeon HD 6790 or GeForce GTX 460 or Intel Core i5 or Core i7
– System RAM: 2 GB
– Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 or Radeon HD 6970

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