If you are a regular Outlook user, then you probably know that PST files can sometimes be bulky and difficult to manage or move around. Most of the time, the PST files are so large because they include all your email attachments.
A solution might be to manually go through every email that includes attachments and save them on your computer, but that is both counter-productive and time consuming, especially if you have hundreds of emails.
To your aid comes Attachment Save, a lightweight and efficient piece of software that makes it easy for you to remove or save attachments from your emails to a designated location on your computer.
Worth mentioning is the fact that you can set up Attachment Save to automatically remove and save attachments from your emails, therefore saving you a lot of time and decreasing the storage space in Outlook.
Smoothly integrated and user-friendly Outlook add-in
In order to take advantage of what Attachment Save has to offer, you need to make sure that Microsoft Outlook is installed on your system. Subsequent to its surprise-free installation, the addin is smoothly integrated with Outlook's ribbon toolbar.
Having said that, it is no surprise that working with the addin is not at all difficult, as you are always at just a few clicks away from saving your attachments and decreasing the storage space in Outlook.
Decrease the sizes of your Outlook backup files within seconds
You should know that Attachment Save retains the paperclip icon (so you always know which emails had attachments) and can also replace all attachments with URL links. In addition, the addin enables you to save your attachments to formats like MSG, HTML, TXT, EML or TNEF.
Last but not least, you can set up the addin to automatically delete attachments each time you delete emails, so your email account stays as tidy as possible.
Automatically save your Outlook attachments
Taking all things into consideration, Attachment Save is a very useful Outlook addin that helps users with lots of emails and attachments to manage their PST backups a lot easier by reducing their overall size.









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Save Outlook attachment: Easily move, remove or save attachments from your emails to a designated location on your computer
Save Outlook attachments: Automatically save attachments from your emails in Outlook to a designated location on your computer
Optionally remove attachments from emails
Save attachments to file formats such as MSG, HTML, TXT, EML and TNEF
Save Outlook attachments from attached files, as well as from URLs

Read more about it in the attached screenshot.

Some of the Main features of Attachment Save Product Key are described below:
Save attachments from your emails: Attachment Save Crack makes it very easy to save attachments from your emails. Simply right click to a particular email, select the relevant Attachment Save option, and save the attachments to a designated location on your computer.
Save attachments to a file format: Attachment Save will automatically save your attachments to file formats such as MSG, HTML, TXT, EML and TNEF. This allows you to save and view attachments easily.
Optionally remove attachments: Attachment Save makes it very easy to remove attachments from your emails. Simply right click to a particular email, select the relevant Remove Attachments option, and the attachments will be removed.
Optionally save attachments: Attachment Save makes it very easy to save attachments from attached files. Simply right click to a particular email, and select the relevant Save Attachments option and Attachment Save will save the attachment to a file.
Optionally save attachments from URLs: Attachment Save is also capable of saving attachments from URLs. Simply right click to a particular email, select the relevant Save Attachment from URL option, and the attachments will be saved to a file.


Outlook Attachment Size Limit Cannot Be Reached – Error
Attachment Save for Outlook
How to Attach and Save Attachments in Outlook with Attachment Save

Attachment Save gives you a preview of the attachment you are about to save. If you would prefer to save all attachments at once, then you can use Attachment Save’s functionality to save all attachments from a selected folder. Also, be aware that the Attachment Save functionality is subject to the limitations as those in the article Attachment Save for Outlook. For example, you can only save one attachment from each email message.

Retreiving attachments from emails
Opening attachment

If you have

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The addin comes with an intuitive user interface. And as a point of customization, this Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible addin can save attachments to a dedicated folder each time you add an attachment.
Automatically save your Outlook attachments
The addin supports a variety of attachments. You can save Outlook attachments such as PDF files, MSG files, HTML files, TNEF files, Zip files or even EML files.
The addin also supports a number of Outlook versions such as Outlook 97/2000/2003/2007 and Outlook Express 5/6/7.
How to use Attachment Save Cracked 2022 Latest Version
To begin with, the addin is easy to use. Simply just install it on your computer. This is easy because Attachment Save Cracked Accounts installs itself so smoothly without any errors.
Once installed, your addin will appear at the end of the ribbon menu. This means that you can run a number of useful functions using Attachment Save Free Download right from the ribbon.
Manual saving of attachments
You may want to perform the manual saving of attachments either because you want to attach files of a given type or because you want to select specific messages.
To save all attachments manually, all you have to do is click on the attachment toolbar, choose the Save Attachments to Folder menu option, and define the location of the file’s destination.
Similarly, you can manually save attachments of a certain type. Simply go through the contacts of a folder to select all messages with specific file types.
Once you have the chosen messages, simply click on the Attachments toolbar to perform the manual saving.
Automatic saving of Outlook attachments
This add-in enables you to save Outlook attachments automatically. Once you have selected the Save Attachments to Folder menu option, you can select either the text or HTML file format for you attachments.
In addition, you can also select specific messages such as important or unimportant messages.
Last, but not least, you can remove attachments that are automatically saved if they exceed some specified size.
Pros and Cons
– low system requirements
– no user registration
– saves attachments in the familiar MS Outlook location
– the addin comes with the ability to increase the email size limit
– saves attachments in the familiar MS Outlook location
– automatically saves email attachments
– helps with Outlook’s spam filter
– saves attachments of different types including PDF, MSG, HTML, TXT, EML and TNEF
– not tested with Outlook

Attachment Save Activation [2022-Latest]

* Save attachment to a specified location in your computer when you email or send a file attached to an email in outlook (silently)
* Automatically remove attachments from Outlook when you delete the email
* Attachments are safely saved as text files in the designated location
* Attachments saved as a text file are automatically made available to other applications such as Microsoft Word
* Automatic attachment saving speed is much higher than using a file explorer
The link below will direct you to the official download site of Attachment Save.

You can go download the addin here:

Hope you like it. 🙂
– Attachment Save Team

Solution was a little weird and took way too long to install but now it works great! I get twice the speed in saving than before.
In the first day of work everyone could instantly understand my reference to these machines and why they took so long. Using the remote access feature for the first time was also easy to get a handle on.
The problem was that it didn’t work quite right on the first couple of machines, so I had to make sure that each machine was configured correctly and that everyone knew how to get the program running and that it ran reliably.
I also had to figure out how to open a session without someone already having to close the program. It didn’t seem like that was documented, so I tried it and it works.
I also found it worth noting that I didn’t have to enable a service on the machine. That’s nice to know, even if its a little weird that a piece of software needed to be installed on the computer.
After that, it really does seem to work great. If someone doesn’t know what to do, I send them to step one for them so they can see what they are looking at.

Upgraded to Office and Internet Explorer 11 to read emails when disconnected (hardware failure). Had to install both Office and Browser (manually, which was a pain). Registered with Office 365 and decided I’d let the mail system do what it wanted to recover my mail and I’d delete the online profile later. I figured that the online profile wouldn’t be in any hurry to install the program on my new computer.

PST files are still a poor solution to manage email offline but Exchange Mailbox sync is good. It solves the problem of

What’s New In Attachment Save?

Attachment Save is an intuitive Outlook addin that helps you control your PST file sizes and save your attachments. It works with more than 60 email clients and is totally free to use. It helps you to save attachments automatically before you delete the email messages, and offers many useful features.


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It is a good program with many features. I think that you may like it

Hide/Show Attachments and Links

Exactly how it sounds like. You hide or show the attachments of the mail and the links to the links on the web. Also you have the option to delete all attachments from the mail you are viewing. It does not ask for permission or anything before removing the attachments.

Sender and Recipient Options

Sender and recipient options is where you can change what you would like your sender and recipient to be displayed as.

More Features…

You can use the filters to find emails with certain attachments. Such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and a lot more.

What’s not to like?

Things I like

Easy to use

Tablet friendly

Many options.

Easy to use

I am a Windows 8 tablet user. I have no problems using it.

What is the verdict?

I like it. It is a good program with many features. I think that you may like it.

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