AnFX Full Version [32|64bit] (Updated 2022)

■ Easiest ever in the web arena. You will produce effect on the fly with AnFX
■ AnFX is easy to learn, yet powerful yet simple to use
■ Have and create custom components – simple to build animations
■ Animations can be exported directly to.swf,.avi,.jpeg or.gif formats.
■ Combines multiple technologies into a single powerful tool
■ AnFX is a software that allows you to create flash animations.
■ AnFX is made up of two components:
■ The AnFX Visual Design Studio where you build your designs and export them to either.swf or.afx format.
■ The tiny AnFX player which plays your.afx designs on the web (only required if you choose to export to.afx)
AnFX Example:

To download free evaluation version of AnFX 3.0, Click here:
• AnFX: Instant Flash|Java|ActionScript 3.0 Animation Experience
• AnFX is a software that allows you to create Flash� or Java� based animated content.
• Can be used for teaching Flash programming to the young, marketing, educational, web-based or corporate multimedia content creation.
• AnFX is so easy to use. No coding or scripting is required.
• AnFX allows you to create actors that can be manipulated by various actions and triggered by events such as a mouse click, mouse enter, mouse exit etc.
• Using combinations of actors and actions it is possible to create a limitless variety of effects played on your site.
• Using the compact AnFX player you can play flash animation within a page without leaving the page.
• AnFX allows you to create flash animation with tools such as Text effect, Menu and Button wizards, to help you create animated visual design.
• Animations are created with highly optimized export files.
• View the AnFX online applications in action.
• Includes full source code in the download package.
• Demo Videos are available here: AnFX online demo
• AnFX allows you to create animations for your website in Flash� or Java� in minutes.
• AnFX is a standalone application,


AnFX is a feature rich, easy to use software tool for creating flash animation that is unique in the industry. AnFX is a web based application that combines sophisticated animation techniques and a simple yet powerful user interface with an easy to use interface. AnFX is a powerful web animation tool that lets you create animations that not only look great but will also run fast on almost any system that has a web browser.
You can use AnFX to create:
■ Animate any type of digital graphic including photos, frames, images, movies, sound.
■ Build stunning effects such as text, flippers, stars, lighting, shape animation and more.
■ Build Menus, buttons, content sliders, scrolling text, marques, multi-scene play heads and more.
■ Combine multiple objects, animations, sounds and text effects in one scene.
■ Import Flash formatted files directly into AnFX.
■ Enjoy a rich design studio featuring many features including snap to, text flow, import from Photoshop, built-in tutorials, the ability to change colors of any graphic, push and pull graphics and much more.
■ AnFX’s simple, intuitive interface is designed to make you an animation wizard in just a few short hours.
■ AnFX is compatible with most web browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Firefox and Safari.
■ AnFX not only lets you build your designs but will also play your designs on the Web for free!

ChiKette (pronounced: chik-ket) is an interactive Flash� based educational site that produces dynamic Flash� cartoons incorporating hi-res images, sounds, animations, video and interactivity that teaches all aspects of the scientific process.
“ChiKette” is an acronym for “Chinese Keenets” and was coined as a reminder to learn from each other, grow together, and become one.
We’re Learning. You’re Learning. Together.
ChiKette is a high quality interactive site with several features:
■ Animated commercials for Chinese language courses in all major languages
■ Animated animations for all major Chinese courses
■ Animated slideshows with images, sounds and narration for Chinese language study
■ Animated tutorials to get started with various Chinese courses
■ Video tutorials for all courses, using regular video
■ Animated/video slide shows for courses in various languages

AnFX [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

■ Built in Visual Design Studio
■ Advanced Scene Management
■ Text Effect, Menu and Button Wizards
■ Slide Show Capability
■ Compact, Optimized export files Mean Fast Download and satisfied site visitors
■ Import Sceneries from 3rd party software
■ Online Tutorial Capability
■ Full Tutorial Capability
■ Free Online Tutorials
■ Bookmarkable Links from scenes
■ Chapters/segments
■ Online Slideshow Capability
■ Import movies from 3rd party applications
■ Rapid “animation building” through wizards
■ Break free of HTML’s limited capabilities
■ Keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work
■ Batch Processing support
■ Rich documentation
■ Information about AnFX’s design layout conventions
■ Support (Please send any problems to
■ A trailer for AnFX is available at
■ An introduction to AnFX from is available
(watch the trailer above)
■ For a preview of AnFX see the Flash examples at
■ Import a few personas or photo slideshows from iTunes, Photosynth etc.
■ Import set of images from Preview
■ Break free of HTML’s limited capabilities
■ Need design tools? AnFX comes complete with a set of wizards to allow fast, easy creation of Text effects, menus and buttons.
■ Quick to download – Page and Batch Processing
■ View all AnFX web site features
■ Online tutorials to guide your creations
■ Publishing possibilities
■ Fast download times.
■ Step ahead with a complete rich toolkit for creating the most interactive and visually compelling effects using the rapid development tools of AnFX. Step ahead using AnFX today, stop using stand-alone tools., which is an online activity game, is now still with flash and we are now ready to put your name in the place of a snow sled in the snow with a lot of fun, play and win prizes for you. We also would like to see you play some other games on our site that you may

What’s New In?

This application allows a user to create Flash� based or Java� based animations to be used on web pages. Both of these technologies are used to create animation on the web. This application enables the creation of animations that can be played on the web. AnFX enables a user to design the animation in a convenient graphical design tool. When the user is happy with their design, it is then converted into a file that can be exported to either Flash� format or Java� format. The animation can then be run on the web by placing the animation into a web page.
AnFX Tutorials:
The tutorials are designed for those customers wishing to learn how to create animations and the teacher who is trying to teach the basics of Flash� or Java� usage. The tutorials cover basic as well as advanced topics and are aimed at those wishing to create animation for use on the web. There are also page for each lesson with the solutions of the lesson.
AnFX Features:
■ Create brilliant Flash� or Java� animations using AnFX’s easy to use graphical design tool.
■ Turn your designs into effective animations using AnFX’s powerful Scene Management.
■ Enjoy the rich graphics provided by the engine and use the library to create compelling animations and effects for use on the web.
■ Create a multi lingual site with ease using our text wizard.
■ Combine multiple designs to create your own unique animation.
■ Convert your rich graphical designs into compact Flash� or Java� export files.
■ The animation can then be run on the web.
■ Use unique animated products to enhance your shopping cart, home page, or product web site.
■ Easily create slide shows for your visitors.
■ You can even produce a presentation by dragging your designs into a neat slide show.
■ The animation can be used for many purposes including tutorial graphics, animated welcome or member area rollovers, animated HTML menus, animated email messages, animated web advertising banners and much more.
Customer Support:
We take your privacy very seriously and only collect sensitive information which are company and account details required to process orders. You will be notified when a new version of AnFX is released and a reminder email will be sent 30 days prior to the standard licence expiry date.
The full version of AnFX can be purchased after 30 days from signing-up. The standard 15-day trial version of AnFX allows you

System Requirements For AnFX:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core i5-3210M @ 3.1GHz
VIDEO: AMD RADEON HD 7650 or Intel HD Graphics 4000
DISPLAY: Full HD 1920×1080
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 @ 3.4GHz or AMD FX-6300
VIDEO: AMD RADEON HD 7870 or AMD HDأهلا-بالعالم/

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