Altium File Type Not Recognized ~REPACK~


Altium File Type Not Recognized

, try the following:

Click the Altium icon.
Click on the Open/Save Documents icon on the main toolbar.
Click on the Altium document type in the Open/Save Documents dialog box.
Click OK.
You can then save the file.

I found the.altium file type and saved the file as *.ppm file type and worked.


Add an object to be serialized by serializeArray

At the moment I am trying to get a serialized array of objects using the following jQuery:
var data = $.toJSON(JSON.stringify(w.results));

This is working great to get the following data string into my store:
[{“id”:”512″,”name”:”MyName”,”address”:””,”cat_level”:””,”parent_id”:””,”parent_name”:””,”user_id”:””,”position_id”:””,”position_name”:””,”created_at”:”2015-02-07 16:31:33″,”updated_at”:”2015-02-08 16:04:38″,”created_by_user_id”:””,”created_by_name”:””,”created_by_email”:””,”deleted_by_user_id”:””,”deleted_by_name”:””,”deleted_by_email”:””,last_modified_by_user_id”:””,”last_modified_by_name”:””,”last_modified_by_email”:””,child_ids”:[]},{“id”:”511″,”name”:”MyName”,”address”:””,”cat_level”:””,”parent_id”:””,”parent_name”:””,”user_id”:””,”position_id”:””,”position_name”:””,”created_at”:”2015-02-07 16:31:33″,”updated_at”:”2015-02-08 16:03:39″,”created_by_user_id”:””,”created_by_name”:””,”created_by_email”:””,”deleted_by_user_id”:””,”deleted_by_name”:””,”deleted_by_email”:””,last_modified_by_user_id”:””,”last_modified_by_name”:””,”last_modified_by_email”:””,child_ids”:[]},{“id”:”510″,”name”:”MyName”,”address”:””,”cat_level”:””,”parent_id”:””,”parent_name”:””,”user_id”:””,”position_id”:””,”position_name”:””,”created_at”:”2015-02-07 16:31:33″,”updated_at”:”2015-02-08 16:03:10″,”created_by_user_id”:””,”

What you can do:

1. Check the document was not exported in an Altium® format by sending it to a member of the Altium® team.

2. Check that the proper file type was selected in the Altium Designer® file properties – see here.

3. Can you tell us a little about what you are trying to do (what you expect, what you get, what do you see) and any software or hardware you are using?


1. I cannot open a PCB with altium.
If I try to open with altium I get the message “altium cannot open the file. it is either not a valid file or an unsupported file type” on the PCB designer panel. I have a small board design in PCB Designer. altium keeps crashing and it looks like a memory error.

I have ver 3.5.4 of the PCB Designer with a fieldbus gui. I am trying to open a file in PCB designer with Solidworks 2013.
What can I do?

Thank you

2. PCB information:

Designer: Altium
Version: Designer 2020 R2

Device: Board: Gafisys SMC/FH-10-1.0 and a Desplib

SMCS/FL-10-1.0 is an example of a Solidworks compatible.PCB file. You can open it directly in Solidworks. _________________________________

3. The file itself is made by this software:

Solidworks PDF

4. Overlay settings:

Open __________________________________
Coordinator __________________________________
Probe __________________________________
Location __________________________________

5. The file is:


6. Other Actions:


7. What do you think the problem could be?


Things I have checked:

— Altium settings

— The file extension is the same as those files I have in the Altium library.

— I have this file in the library and there is no problem opening it.

— I have checked again the extension of the file and it is the same.

— I have done a clean of the library and restart.

— I have tried to create the.PCB file directly with Altium.

— I have tried to open this file in Designer.


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