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What happens when new users post dozens of questions?

I keep seeing posts that start off (from the user’s perspective):

[me] I have a problem with [topic]
[me] I am getting [issue] [error] …

… and proceed to include an entire laundry list of comments and side stories, as well as every possible question, solution, and bug report about the topic, with their corresponding code snippets.

Sometimes, a question may contain relevant information for two or more users to learn. However, it is generally preferred to keep duplicate questions with the most relevant content at the top.

Thus, is the following action-worthy?

Remove all side comments and side stories, code snippets, solutions, bug reports, or other duplicate content from the question.


I had this urge to just edit every question like that without any other reason to do so, but I restrained myself. I feel that I could use this feature, which I have not yet used but has a couple of installs, to help new users as I know the feeling of starting off by writing a question in that style.

I just happen to be trying to use it on a very complex question that needed a lot of cleanup first, so I had to look at the user’s profile. I had asked the question because the user had mentioned an issue about rotation of a view on a Surface.

Because I am an Android user, I could not tell, but I was somewhat familiar with the layout (though I am quite a beginner) and thus thought I could help.

However, that happened, and because I couldn’t clean it up, I didn’t want to waste the answers already given. It was a simple question, so I was able to replace the problem with

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