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“Hindi and Urdu are equally vulnerable to geographic or socio-economic isolation. The culture of a society is reflected in a language, just as the language of a society can play a vital role in shaping its culture.” As a non-native speaker of Urdu, I was able to pick up the language pretty easily. But I am not sure of Hindi as spoken in India, and therefore struggle to explain its nuances. In Hindi, A language can be written as alphabets or Devanagari. Before the introduction of the Devanagari script, the language has been kept in Gurmukhi (devanagari). Hindi and Urdu are very similar languages. Urdu evolved from Old Persian of Hindustani languages. “Hindi is a fusion of Hindi and Urdu. Hindi came about as a way of keeping Hindustani together, as it was at risk of getting divided. When the British brought the British language of their country into India, it was important to develop a local language to pacify the natives of India from the French.” Hindi is the language of modern India. In medieval India, it was Urdu which evolved. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the history of Hindi dates back to the 2nd century BC. According to researchers, the Urdutarq, an Indo-European language spoken by the indigenous peoples of Punjab in a.

Storify. In the world of business, a company’s reputation speaks volumes. Since 1842 when the first newspaper in Urdu was printed, the city of Lahore is, without a doubt, the center of literary India. It was here that the Indian subcontinent embraced the printing culture. Some of the great literary names associated with Lahore include the famous poet Sarojini Naidu, poet Prem Chand, poet and author, Shamsur Rehman Faruqi, playwright Rabindranath Tagore, and Dhyan Chand, the hockey legend from India… IF You Want The Kahani For Urdu Download Fake Urdu Online Free. Middle East Urdu Best Urdu Novel Online.
Tafseer Surah Quraish – I (Pakistan Ki Naimat) by Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. Latar Belakang Penulisan Tafsir Al-Mishbah karya M. This is. Surah Kausar Urdu Translation, Surah Kausar Tafseer In

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In the evolution of electrical technology, integrated circuits have been developed which have a higher and higher capacity. When the size of a transistor is reduced, its current handling capacity becomes greater. In order to integrate a greater number of transistors in a given area, it is necessary to modify the function of a transistor so that the transistor can handle a greater current.
The design of such a transistor is complex and requires thousands of different designs. In order to design an integrated circuit, a designer typically creates a library which includes the many possible types of transistors and their various variations. The library can be stored in a computer and be accessed by a computer-controlled tool which is used to modify the design to more nearly meet the desired criteria. The circuit is then built and tested for the desired performance criteria.
In order to accommodate the complexity of today””s designs, the libraries have grown to a size which is quite large. The size of a library can be reduced by a designer to concentrate on specific parameters in the design, but many options must still be checked through an exhaustive search. As a result, a designer must spend a substantial amount of time looking up and manipulating large libraries in order to reduce the size of his library and to select from the smaller libraries.
Accordingly, it is an object of the invention to provide an economical method of simplifying an integrated circuit design with respect to transistor library sizes.
It is another object of the invention to provide a system for reducing the number of transistors used in a transistor library so as to reduce the size of the library.
Briefly, a system for reducing the number of transistors used in a transistor library is described. The system includes a computer which stores a first set of transistor designs and a second set of transistor designs. The first set of transistor designs are representative of transistors which are within a category to be eliminated. The category may be a type of structure, a type of die size, a die shape, a gate width/spacing ratio, a gate length ratio, or a number of transistors within a circuit. The second set of transistor designs are representative of trans


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