This is a 2D top-down shooter game. There are 8 weapons to choose from and it’s a very intense and addictive game. Just like Angry Birds you can also collect the bonuses and you can also see your high score, which is really good. You can use weapons to shoot and destroy things. In this game you will need to dodge or shoot bullets. You have to aim when you shoot and the enemies can sometimes block your shot so you have to aim behind them.
This game is really good and I recommend it.

Did you like this game?

Fantastic game
You know what to do and where to go
It’s very addictive
10 out of 10 – My mum
Mixed Guns
I’d recommend this game to anyone who likes the shooting games
This is a 2D top-down shooter game. You play as an eagle and you need to shoot in various platforms because there is an evil eagle who wants to shoot the eagle.
We get a goal – to shoot the enemy with weapons in various places. Sometimes it’s difficult, but when it’s easy, we just shoot and don’t think about it. You collect the bonuses and you can also see your high score.
You are controlling your eagle and the eagle can shoot with three weapons that you collect during the game.

How To Play:

Basically, there is one thing that you have to do – dodge. When you have to shoot, you have to press the fire button and you need to point the weapon at the enemy.
You can see your high score. The more points you get, the higher your score will be.
It’s really easy, but you have to be careful. You can try different weapons. You collect the bonuses, you can see the high score, and you can also collect new weapons.


The game is so good
You need to be very fast
You can play it by a tablet
There are four weapons
You need to aim
You need to avoid everything
You need to see your score and you need to collect all bonuses
The boss is at the end

Good game
This game is addictive
It’s easy to play
You just need to dodge when you’re shooting
You can shoot and avoid everything when you’re dodging
You need to aim and you need to shoot
I recommend you to try it


Features Key:

  • soundtrack
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    A new and unique-shooter game

    Get ready for one adventurous time while bombing hotheads and striking them from a random angle and with various weapons in this new destructive and unbelievable game!Q:

    Clamav: Policy resource files (.pol configuration files)

    I’m creating a third-party content detection module for a web application developed by another team, and would like to integrate the module’s functionality into a Sandbox/Scanner-frontend web application.
    The module is written entirely in Python, i.e. the Python library function C++ generates the rules using the code that comes with the module.
    The module is built on top of ClamAV, which means I can query ClamAV over the network and extract the rules via ClamAV’s REST API (starting with version 9.35, available at this link) to analyze submitted files.
    In theory, I can use ClamAV’s DESCRIPTION.POL resource files (available at this link) to extract the rule chains from the rules that ClamAV installed in the system’s /etc/clamav/local.d/ directory. But I can’t find any documentation or instructions on how I can read this kind of resource files for the python module.
    At this point my main questions are:

    Did I even understand the DESCRIPTION.POL files correctly?
    If so, how do I read them from the source code of the Python module?

    Since the module is written in Python and uses the ClamAV’s library API functions to


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    Retro TV Game Collection is an easy to install, high-quality collection of four classic games.
    The original computer game that started it all! Break records as you score one-sided victories and show the world your athletic skills.
    Throwing a touchdown to beat your opponent. Or maybe just kicking it through the uprights.
    Squash (Practice Mode)
    Practice against nothing but the wall. Hone your reflexes and see how high you can score.
    Put those practice sessions to the test, same wall, new opponent.


    Click on the Download button on the lower left side of the screen and then select one of the mirror servers that has the game for you.

    Also, the SteamPipe client should prompt you to update after Steam downloads the file.

    If you have any trouble after downloading, feel free to contact me on steam and i will get you the download link to the correct download.



    The original Tennis game that started it all! Break records as you score one-sided victories and show the world your athletic skills.

    Good news everyone! Players can now play the old school Atari VCS Tennis game, including the Commodore 64 and Atari 7800 versions. As of now we’re in the middle of fixing a few bugs but the game works perfect after installing the update. I’ll post a link to the download (a file) once it’s ready.

    The update also includes some new characters and a number of fixes. Please let me know if you have any issues and i will get you the download link to the correct download.



    Now with the assistance of five player characters.

    Now comes the real squash. Choose your playstyle and style of match, and put your skills to test against your opponent as you play two games simultaneously. The original game mode, single player, practice, and online multiplayer modes are available.

    To celebrate this update, we’re offering new characters, new avatar customizations, and new points for multiplayer games.

    Thank you for your patience, to everyone who has tested and reported bugs, and most importantly, thank you for making Tennis great again.

    This update will be FREE to everyone for ever and this update includes all-new features including online multiplayer for one player, two players, or four players.

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    Let’s look at some facts:the game was developed by the top-notch development studios – the team 4A GAMES.The game will be available in three different languages – English, Russian and Spanish the game is dedicated to October 9th, the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.Gravity Rush 2 features the ability to play the game in dual widescreen resolution, which is good news for PC owners with 4K display.We’ll update you with the latest news about the game, so please check back.

    PS3 – The official site of Gravity Rush 2 has been updated with information about the new patch and a trailer.

    Known issues:

    There are some known issues that may affect players’ experience and in-game performance. These are addressed in this update.

    Note: The only known issue that will impact players’ experience is the ability to play the game in a 4K resolution. Please see above for further information.

    There are no changes in PlayStation®Network and PlayStation®Store system requirements.

    New content:

    [GAMEPLAY]You are now able to attack all enemies in a combo attack.

    [GAMEPLAY]New ‘Alternative Weapons’ which allow you to use weapons that have been redesigned as a different type of weapon and their characteristics will be useful in different situations.

    [GAMEPLAY]In addition to the actions you can now walk down the stairs or climb on walls.

    [GAMEPLAY]You can now jump while being hit to avoid enemy attacks and save the hit points.

    [GAMEPLAY]There are new types of enemies appearing in the game, such as a new type of pet.

    [GAMEPLAY]There are several new types of objects that can be used, such as stones, frozen corpses and rail guns.

    [GAMEPLAY]Using your ‘Harmonization’ in the ‘Record Button’ feature will allow you to use parts of different weapons during gameplay, allowing you to use different weapons in different situations.

    [GAMEPLAY]The maximum number of special weapons has increased to three.

    [GAMEPLAY]You can now use the ‘Skeleton Key’ and ‘Master Key’ in the Record Button feature.

    [GAMEPLAY]The “Nano Project” is now divided into “Blade” and “Espers”. Players can have access to blades and espers of different types.

    [GAMEPLAY]The ‘Total Armouring’ feature


    What’s new in Ɨ限家园:

    Submitted: April 24, 2015

    Reads: 0

    Comments: 0

    This one-shot is rated “M” for Mature! When Sunil
    and Sarvar finally find time together after nine months of marriage and two
    years of infidelity, it’s a shock to be caught between falling in
    love again and the controlling gypsy magic.

    *Starlight of Aeons is a stand-alone novel,
    free from the main series. If you haven’t read or reviewed yet, do that first
    before reading this.

    Try reading the main story first if the plot doesn’t
    read right. Then read this one-shot if you haven’t read the main story,
    after which you can jump to the main story without waiting. (Warning:
    Mild spoilers ahead. Skip at your own risk.)

    sparking conversations around messed up relationships, oil portraits with
    hidden emotions, and wandering the nine heavens of the astral plane.

    Over a
    million likes on Facebook. Thanks to a lot of people behind social media, I
    could not have made this book even if I tried.

    original Starlight of Aeons can be found here:

    A series of
    short stories will follow in the coming months and years. Thank you for your
    time and for reading.

    It’s late Saturday
    nights here in Georgia. The lights are dim, the living room’s candlelight
    alone is enough to bring me to the past night. Much later than usual I woke
    up from a dream, my wounded hand cut open is my left chest, and I groaned. My
    groan said a single word to me, “Banga.”

    down with my other hand, I felt a deep hurt in my chest. Instantly I was back
    in the past, packing Ganurup Telipha, the White, and Sarvar, the Black,
    placed neatly in my backpack, and I wished I could call him back home. But
    then I thought Ganurup would be against me leaving right away. Leaving
    in the middle of night might alert my neighbors that something was amiss.
    Since Ganurup would not let me leave, I decided to make it home earlier,
    to make him feel more secure and to replace him, and also to thank him for
    many favors he did for me.

    And so I


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    Neonatal’s old school isometric RPG showed us the best way to play and that’s why we’re always looking for new innovative ways to bring out our passion. No more of those normal RPGs with lame paper cutscenes, boring areas and stereotypical opponents. Once, you get the chance, ditch those lazy ideas and experience Neonatal’s old school style of a game.

    You start out as a rookie cop in New York City, the city where you live and the heart of law enforcement. Get into the action and start investigating the cases with the help of the mysterious “ACCESS”. All you have to do is to get through the Neonatal’s old school.

    Create Your Own Route

    You can just beat through the area and gain credits and experience. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could play Neonatal’s old school on your own? No more credits and no more experience. What do you think about Neonatal? Think about it, you might just find a way to do it yourself.

    However, don’t worry if you don’t have great ideas. Neonatal comes with a number of tools that you can use to craft an adventure for yourself. No matter whether you want to play a story mode, an endless mode, live, a dungeon or a sandbox mode. You can experience Neonatal’s old school to your heart’s content.

    Unlock The Power Of THE BOX

    When you’re playing Neonatal’s old school, you can unlock your free hands. The power of the box is a must in Neonatal. Your partner will be able to get a hand free and you can unlock the power of the box yourself. That’s how you can get through the level and give it your own style.

    But do you know what else you can do with this power? You can use it to open up a door, to shoot a gun, to pick up a weapon or even to smash the floor in some parts. The power of the box is the ultimate power, don’t you think?

    How To Play Neonatal’s Old School

    As Neonatal’s old school is an old school game, you have to earn your experience and you can do that in different ways. You can for example earn your credits by solving cases or fighting different enemies.



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