A complete 2 player shoot ’em up game with destruction based on the old game stars.
With the help of this game, it can help to improve your love for shoot ’em up.
Game system
– 2 players on the same device
– 1 player controls the tank
– 2 player share the victory point
– Tanks can move only in straight lines
– The player can move up and down the screen through the up and down buttons
– Movement up and down can be done by holding down the up and down keys
– The player can move left and right by pressing the left or right arrow keys
– The game has 5 levels
– 12 stages in the first game
– 15 stages in the second game
– Game speed can be accelerated by holding the left and right buttons.
– There are bonuses based on the total destruction and how many ships you have
– The player cannot die or lose any ships.
– All ships that are on screen are destructible
– There are 3 colors of coins
– In game password feature.
– Various languages support.
– No restricted region.
5 playable ship
– Tank
– Metal Laser
– Needle Bomber
– Space Bomb
– Airship
– “Mystery Ship”
game services
– Easy pause
– Wake up game
– Full screenCurrently, portable electronic devices such as a mobile phone, a mobile phone accessory, and the like, are becoming more widely used. In connecti

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